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Physics Theoretical Physics

Theoretical Physics

Welcome to the Theoretical Physics Group

The Theoretical Physics Group works on problems in non-equilibrium biophysics, the dynamics of complex fluids, the electronic properties of materials, many body quantum phenomena and quantum information science. The group has a breadth of expertise in materials modelling, in particular in molecular dynamics and electronic structure calculations. There is extensive collaboration with experimental groups working on both hard condensed matter and bio-/soft matter.

The Theoretical Physics group looks after the Mathematics and Physics joint honours undergraduate course.

Have a look at our member pages, a list of prospective PhD+MSc projects and other suitable projects with the Centre for Doctoral Training in Modelling of Heterogeneous Systems (HetSys)- apply, project details. Browse our upcoming seminars (to which we welcome guests). Our areas of current research interests are

Collective Quantum Phenomena Disordered Quantum Systems Quantum Information Science
Magnetism and Alloy Theory Nanomaterials Simulation Molecular Simulation
Open Quantum Systems Dynamics Dynamics at Surfaces
Soft Condensed Matter and Biophysics Statistical Physics

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