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Events in Physics

Monday 17 Feb - Sunday 15 Mar 2020

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Speaker: Dr Mauro Brotons-Gisbert (Heriot Watt) Room: P521
- Nick Moloney (Imperial): Extremes and bursts PS017
Innovate UK UK-Israel open collaborative R&D competition
- Maths & Physics OHOD
- Theory Seminar: Dmitrii Kolotkov (Warwick), Waves and oscillations in extreme events in the solar atmosphere PS1.28
STFC Public engagement legacy awards
STFC IPS Fellowships
STFC Innovations Partnership Scheme (IPS)
STFC Follow-on fund
24 25 26 27 28 29 Mar 1
- Sandra Chapman (CFSA) PS128
The case for an octupolar ordered ground state in 5d2 Double Perovskites Room: P5.21
- Warwick Physics Colloquium: Professor Manuel Grande PLT
- Theory Seminar: Sofia Qvarfort (UCL), Gravity sensing and entanglement detection with optomechanical systems PS1.28
Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships
BBSRC Impact Acceleration Account
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- Cleo (Shyeh Tjing) Loi (Cambridge): Magneto-gravity waves in red giant stars: a 3D ray tracing study PS128
Speaker: Professor Caterina Ducati Room: P521
RAEng Research chairs and senior research fellowships scheme
- Physics OHOD
- Theory Seminar: Joseph Betouras (Loughborough) PS1.28
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- Viktor Fedun (Sheffield)
- Theory Seminar: Hatef Sadeghi (Warwick) PS1.28

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