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Information for UK and EU PhD applicants

  • Please specify on the application form, in the ‘Academic interests and purpose of study’ section, the area of research you are interested in and/or which research group(s) you would like to join.
    It is not necessary for you to submit a research proposal at this stage.

  • Details of the projects and research groups available at Warwick can be found here. If you are interested in any of the advertised studentships please state the project title in the 'Academic interests and purpose of study section' of the application form.
    Please feel free to contact any of the academic staff listed on our directory pages to discuss potential project areas.

  • If you are applying for a specific advertised project, please tick the Scholarship box in the Finance section of the online application form.

  • As soon as possible after submitting your application, you should submit two signed references on headed paper from the institution to which your academic referees belong.

    You will also need to submit original transcripts and/or degree certificates from your undergraduate degree(s) (or officially certified copies thereof). Degree certificates, after being approved by the Postgraduate Admissions Office, will be sent back to you.

    If it is not possible to submit your references and supporting documents at the time of applying, please send these to either the Warwick Postgraduate Admissions Office or Physics department (addresses given below) as quickly as possible.

    Postgraduate Team 5
    Admissions Office
    University House
    Warwick University
    West Midlands
    CV4 8UW

                           Louise Humphrey
                           Postgraduate Coordinator
                           Department of
    Warwick University
    West Midlands
                           CV4 7AL

    Note: emailed or scanned documents (including references) are not acceptable.

  • Potential students will be invited for interview in the Department and offers will be made to the most promising applicants.
    Please note that we will continue to consider applications submitted, until all places are filled.

  • Typically all postgraduate study will begin at the start of the academic year but this is flexible and can be altered based on scholarship and funding conditions.