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Year 1 Modules

These are the approved course regulations for the first year starting in the academic year 2022/23. The module syllabuses may be subject to minor alterations. The changes with respect to the current course regulations are small and follow a University decision to make credit weightings across all faculties more uniform.


Students should take the following modules.

Core Modules Weeks CATS Credit
PX151 Astrophysics Laboratory I 1-33 30
PX153 Mathematics for Physicists 1-24 20
PX154 Physics Foundations 1-10 10
PX155 Classical Mechanics and Relativity 1-10 10
PX156 Quantum Phenomena 20-24, 30-33 10
PX157 Electricity and Magnetism 15-24 10
PX158 Astronomy 15-24 10
PX159 Physics Programming Workshop 6-19 10
PX161 Tutorial (Physics) 1-33 10

Unusual Options

The modules listed above are the ones that you will be automatically registered for. If you wish to take an unusual option, in addition, you should consult our document on unusual options prior to taking any such modules and discuss any requests with your personal tutor.

Where options are taken, so that the load exceeds the normal load, the marks for all modules attempted will appear on your University transcript. The overall year mark will be calculated as the arithmetic mean of the subset of whole modules, weighted according to their credit weighting, which satisfies the course regulations and results in the highest mark.