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Projects - Summer 2015

First name Family Name Research title Supervisor
Ahmed Al-Jawahiry Systematics of Quark and Lepton Mass Matrices Paul Harrison
Alessandro Barp Differential Topology and Spin Transport in Skyrmion Magnets Gareth Alexander
Adam Bennett Investigation of NiCdO Semiconducting Alloys Chris McConville
James Blake Modelling Exoplanetary Transits to Investigate the Bulk Properties of Hot Jupiters Don Pollacco
Andrew Borrill Searching for inflated planets around nearby stars Peter Wheatley
Joe Bright Probing the structure of burnt-out stars through asteroseismology Boris Gaensicke
Ben Brown Transducers for measuring high pressure fields inside ultrasonic baths Rachel Edwards
Ryan Calladine Ultrasound to measure liquid level inside pipes Steven Dixon
Danny Cieszynski Development of a light calibration system for the Hyper-Kamiokande Experiment Steven Boyd
Rory Claydon Pulsed Oesophageal Doppler Blood Flow Measurements Steven Dixon
Peter Collett Dosimetric effects caused by Couch tops during radiotherapy treatments Jon Duffy
Ben Coltman The two-interacting particle problem of excitons in an Aharonov-Bohm quantum ring Rudo Roemer
Chris Davis How does a Bohm particle localise? Rudo Roemer
Jeffrey Ede Time-Frequency Decomposition in Ultrafast Spectroscopy James Lloyd-Hughes
Amy Elliott Image processing and registration for radiotherapy planning using MRI Jon Duffy
Stephen Farr Ultrasonic based measurements of osteoporosis Steven Dixon
Jack Fawcett Models and experiments of the response of ultrasonic baths to transducer and cage positions Rachel Edwards
Mark Goddard Superconductivity in Heusler alloys Martin Lees
James Gott Low temperature ultrasonic measurement of superconductors Rachel Edwards
Ben Griffith Developing cross-platform delivery for release and development versions of the FELIX suite of electron diffraction visualisation codes Rudo Roemer
Jake Haynes Measuring the flow field of Chlamydomonas under strong confinement. Marco Polin
Thomas Hicken A combined study of the spin polarisation in two spintronic materials Jon Duffy
James Kohout Modeling non-equilibrium dynamics on atoms deposited on graphene David Quigley
Matthew Lane Computational modelling of thermoelectric materials ab-initio Julie Staunton
Melissa Liow Stellar superflares in K2 Kepler data Anne-Marie Broomhall
Jake Lishman Implementation and Control of Nitrogen-Vacancy Centre Experiments Gavin Morley
Matthew Lloyd How do surface cell proteins in Synechococcus WH8102 inhibit grazing by dinoflagellates Marco Polin
Harry Manners The Implementation of a Tracking Algorithm for Neutrino Interactions in a Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber Gary Barker
Ian McCheyne Automated Classification of Astronomical Spectra Thomas Marsh
Edward Millard Ultrasound to measure liquid level inside pipes Steven Dixon
Sofina Mohamad Johari Using Solid-State NMR to Probe Intermolecular Interactions Steven Brown
Lewis Mosby Fabrication of nanodiamonds for quantum technology and probing the boundaries of quantum mechanics Gavin Morley
Alvin Panis Next generation composite ultrasonic transducers for industrial gas flow measurement application Nishal Ramadas
Matt Pearce Electrons in superconductors and other functional materials Paul Paul Goddard
Tom Pickford Phase transitions and dynamics of confined fluids Jon Duffy
Rebecca Prince Using ultrasound to measure liquid level inside a pressurised cylinder Steven Dixon
Alex Simpson Developing a graphical user interface for the FELIX suite of electron diffraction visualisation codes Rudo Roemer
Timothy Sit Optical readout particle tracking technology Yorck Ramachers
Charlotte Slade Topological Insulators Geetha Balakrishnan
Amanda To Computational electromagnetism model for nanoplasmonics James Lloyd-Hughes
Joanna Watts Growth of two-dimensional heterostructures Neil Wilson
Taylor Wheeler Single quantum systems in diamond Mark Newton
John Woolley Speeding up geometry optimisation in atomistic simulations with preconditioners David Quigley