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You are accepted into the University for a given degree Course, and remain registered for that Course unless you make a successful application to transfer to another Course.

If you are considering making a transfer you should in the first instance consult your tutor and, if necessary, the Senior Tutor. It is possible to transfer to the three-year variant of a four-year programme at any time up to the start of the third academic year, although leaving it after the end of term 2 of the second year can give rise to complications in relation to project and option choice. A transfer from the three- to the four-year variant of a Degree Course (including 'with intercalated year' degrees) is in principle also possible up until the start of the third academic year. The formal process requires you to make an application via Student Records.


The University system will automatically register you for any core modules for the Course you are taking, but from weeks 1 to 3 in term 1, you need to register for the options (including any unusual options) you wish to take. You should do this using eMR (electronic Module Registration).

You can check on the Regulations for your Course elsewhere on this website to make sure that your option registration satisfies those Regulations. Note that the eMR system does not check that your registration satisfies your Course Regulations. It is your responsibility to do this. You can register for more options than you need or intend to take as you will be able to deregister from surplus options at certain periods during the year. If you change your Course after the start of the year you would need to re-register for a new set of modules appropriate to your new Course.

Between weeks 15 to 17 at the beginning of term 2 you can change your registration on-line by adding or deleting modules from your list. After the end of this period, you cannot register for any more modules. You should check that after any changes your registration still satisfies the Regulations: it is possible at this stage to de-register inadvertently from core modules, but the eMR system does not check the details of your registration for you. At the end of this period your module registration becomes your provisional examination registration and you will no longer be permitted to add modules to the list although deregistration is still possible.

If you register for more than the normal load, the overall year mark will be calculated as the arithmetic mean of the subset of whole modules, weighted according to their credit weighting, which satisfies the course regulations and results in the highest mark. However, the marks for all modules attempted will appear on your University transcript including any failed modules even if they do not count towards the credit for the year.

Examination Registration

The eMR pages list the key dates relevant to examination registration.

You should check your confirmed registrations carefully and inform us immediately of any errors. Examinations are held either early in term 3 ("April exams") or in the second half of the term ("main season exams"). You can delete from your list optional modules examined in the April exams up until the last day of term 2 (i.e. the end of week 24). Similarly you may delete any main season examination from your list up until the beginning of week 30 (the exact date is published on the eMR pages). This de-registration is again done on-line. You should not attempt to deregister from modules which would mean that you no longer satisfy the course regulations.

You should consider very carefully the modules for which you are registered as each deadline approaches and make certain you are sure you wish to take them. Once the deadline has passed you become firmly registered for that set of modules and you are committed to taking them. If you do not attend the examination for a module for which you are registered you will be credited with a mark of zero for it. You are advised not to leave de-registration until the day of the deadline but to do it as soon as you have reached a decision.

If unforeseen and sufficiently compelling circumstances arise it is only possible to de-register after a deadline with permission of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education. If you need to de-register late in this way you should consult the Director of Studies, but note that you will need a very strong case.