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You will see from the course regulations that each year your course consists of both core and optional components. You need take enought optional modules to bring your total possible credit up to the normal load for your course. Your Tutor can give guidance on your choice.

More modules can be taken than the minimum required but you should discuss any decision to commit yourself to a significant extra load with your tutor. You can also 'sample' more options than you are required, or plan, to take. However, registering for much more than the normal load, and deregistering down after attending complete modules, is not usually sensible. The most common mistake is to assume that just attending lectures is enough. It is not. Modules are taught on the basis that you are fully committed and are keeping up with problems sheets.

Third and Fourth Years

There are many options available during the third and fourth years. All the modules (including core modules) are loosely grouped according to subject matter in the mathematics and physics lists.

In addition to the options listed, it is possible to take certain other modules, offered by other departments, as so-called 'Unusual Options'. If you wish to take an unusual option, you must consult your Personal Tutor, in advance, in order to obtain the necessary permission (you will also need to obtain approval from the department offering the module). Please note that we will not grant permission to take more than one language option per academic year.