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Mathematics and Physics - 4th Year

This document provides information for fourth year students taking the MMathPhys Mathematics and Physics course.

We hope that you will find this document useful, and that it will help you to complete your fourth year at University successfully. If you consider that there is information which could usefully be added, or if you discover an error, please inform either the Director of Education or the Senior Tutor.


Most of the modules in the fourth year follow on from modules you have taken in previous years. Some of these modules are able to give an account of issues which are currently (or recently have been) the subject of research interest.

A key element of the fourth year is the project. This requires you to complete a substantial piece of work during the first two terms. The project should test and develop your ability to work by yourself and with a partner dealing with ideas and background information which are not taught in lecture modules. You will need to work from original research literature and advanced texts and you will probably need to develop some theoretical and computational tools to tackle a problem with at least the flavour of research to it.


  • To prepare students for postgraduate study in mathematics or physics if they want this
  • To give students an understanding of some areas of current research activity in one or both of the two subjects
  • To guide students' work on a project in either mathematics or physics
  • To develop students' initiative, self-reliance and confidence


By the end of the fourth year, you should

  1. Be well-prepared for the next step in your professional life
  2. Be able to start postgraduate training in an area of theoretical physics and mathematics which interests you
  3. Have completed a project, and have demonstrated the ability to work successfully by yourself and the ability to communicate clearly both orally and in writing

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