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Projects-Summer 2022

Student   Project Supervisor  
Luke Schlimper Identification of neutrino interaction vertices in a liquid argon time projection chamber, using machine learning John Marshall
Benjamin Keedwell Terahertz Imaging of Skin Cancer Using a Handheld Probe Emma MacPherson
Dan Tomlinson Understanding drying droplets of bio-mimetic colloids for point-of-care Diagnostics Marco Polin
Ethan McHugo Comparison of photon dose calculation methods in radiotherapy Jon Duffy
Krish Desai Flagellar Synchronization in the Absence of Hydrodynamic Coupling Marco Polin
Naomi Ogunkola A report analysing the impact of misogynoir, under-representation, and the university system on the absence of black women within the Natural Sciences in UK universities. Rachel Edwards
Patrick Thomas Radio flares in Cataclysmic Variable Stars Deanne Coppejans
Stefano Beni Gravitational wave emission from short period binary stars Thomas Marsh
Wiktor Gondek Using high-frequency acoustic oscillations to infer the structure of convection in stellar interiors Anne-Marie Broomhall
Jonas Mikalauskas Microscopic modelling study of the dielectric behaviour of dissolved Zwitterionic materials Albert Bartok-Partay
Jack Watson Operational Space Weather Predictions Tony Arber
Ovidiu Tirnovan Data analysis of internal electric fields measured via 4D STEM Ana Sanchez
Phoebe Ryder The forgotten type Ia supernova progenitors Ingrid Pelisoli
Daniel Robins Identifying Supernova Remnants in NGC6946 Joseph Lyman
George Cocks Electroweak physics with first data from the upgraded LHCb experiment Mika Vesterinen
Jordan Edwards Theoretical and computational study of magnetostrictive iron alloys Julie Staunton
Mea Maharjan Path Integral Molecular Dynamics with Machine Learned Neural Network Interatomic Potentials Nicholas Hine
Sonny To Robust optimisation using 4DCT for lung radiotherapy Jon Duffy
Chanka Jayaweera Search for the Lambda_b --> J/psi Xi-K+ decay with LHCb Luis Miguel Garcia-Martin
Oliver Giles Identifying elements in and measuring the composition of the Beta Pictoris Debris Disk using far UV wavelengths. Paul Strom
Karishma Gokani Graphene membranes for microscopy Neil Wilson
Paolo Jaconelli Development of pre-condition matrices for Hessian approximation through machine learning Albert Bartok-Partay
Khushal Shah Understanding and harnessing two-dimensional materials for next generation memory Alex Robertson
Luis Munn Improving the sensitivity of a fibre-coupled diamond nitrogen-vacancy magnetometer to detect and improve a signal from the heart Gavin Morley
Marc-Philip Schuler Energy Requirements of Direct Drive Inertial Fusion Tom Goffrey
Callum White Search for the Bc -> pimumu decay with the LHCb detector Timothy Gershon
Chris Cumming Investigation of Electron Diffraction utilising Bloch Waves Richard Beanland
Angelo Amirthanayagam Magnetic excitations in the field-induced phases of Gadolinium Aluminium Garnet Oleg Petrenko
Oliver Bunting Simulating Transmission Electron Microscope Images of Defects Richard Beanland

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