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Projects - Summer 2017

URSS Physics students summer 2017

Project Supervisor
Joe Blake Computational Modelling of Magnetostrictive Materials Ab-Initio Julie Staunton
Freya Bull PVTrees harnessing diffuse light under cloud coverage or a forest canopy. Yorck Ramachers
Vicky Fawcett Analysing data and identifying objects from the GOTO telescope Danny Steeghs
Angharad Ganguli Assessment of dosimetric benefits by “robust planned” radiotherapy treatments Jon Duffy
Andrea Giudici Geometry and Spin Transport in Skyrmion Magnets Gareth Alexander
Claire Hancock Determining the importance of CO2 loss through the skin in metabolic measurements Jon Duffy
Hannah Lindley To explore the possibility of using measurements in ‘fat only’ MRI images to quantify the amount of fat present in the liver. Jon Duffy
Joe Marsh Rossney Strain-dependence of band structure of 2D materials Nicholas Hine
Clement Mawby The Dynamics of Gravitationally Scattered Asteroids Boris Gaensicke
Michael Negus A phase-switching Brownian dynamics sampler David Quigley
Rebecca Nicholls Enabling electronic structure measurements of 2D materials Neil Wilson
Oliver Rigby Experimental Studies of Rare Earth Transition Metal Magnets Martin Lees
Jonathan Roberts Characterisation of collective local bursts in microalgal populations Marco Polin
Simon Simeonov Diffusion optimised lattice-switching Monte Carlo David Quigley
Will Somerset Focussed ultrasound transducers for non-destructive testing Rachel Edwards
Armands Strikis Effective thermal management in photoconductive emitters of terahertz radiation James Lloyd-Hughes
Jake Ward Liquid crystal sensors for high resolution ultrasound imaging Rachel Edwards
Rebecca Webb The origin of the X-ray emission of our Galaxy Peter Wheatley