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Progress & Assessment

Your project supervisor will be monitoring the effort you are putting in on your project and, in extreme cases, lack of effort may result in formal 'Requirement to Withdraw' proceedings being initiated.


Marks for this year contribute 60% towards the final BSc classification and 30% to the MPhys one. In order to graduate, you must also satisfy certain University requirements on the number of credits obtained on passed modules.

Assessment of Modules

The modules PX392 Quantum Physics of Atoms and PX384 Electrodynamics are assessed by examination (85%) and coursework (15%). PX390 is 100% assessed by coursework. Other lectured modules given by the Physics Department are assessed by written examination. The Physics Project is assessed on the basis of interim and final reports and a viva.

Most of the courses given by outside departments are assessed by a combination of assessed coursework, e.g. essays, and examination. Fluid Dynamics is 100% examined.


The configuration of the Physics examinations that would be used in a normal year are as below. The format of the examinations may differ from this and will be decided by the University later in the year.

For 15 CAT modules, the examination paper will have three questions and you should attempt all of these. For 7.5 CAT modules you should attempt two questions.

Examinations are held at two points during the year - week 30/31 (i.e. immediately after the Easter vacation) and in weeks 33-37 (May/June). The final form of the examinations is subject to change but will be based on the following:

Week 30

  • PX382 Quantum Physics of Atoms
  • PX385 Condensed Matter Physics
  • PX440 Mathematical Methods for Physicists III

Weeks 33 to 36

  • PX308 Physics in Medicine
  • PX350 The Weather and the Environment
  • PX366 Statistical Physics
  • PX370 Optoelectronics and Laser Physics
  • PX384 Electrodynamics
  • PX392 Plasma Electrodynamics
  • PX387 Astrophysics
  • PX388 Magnetic Resonance
  • PX395 The Standard Model
  • PX396 Nuclear Physics
  • PX397 Galaxies
  • PX389 Cosmology

The examination results will be released via Tabula at a time and date to be decided.

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