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Progress & Assessment

Physics Project

Please note that passing PX402 or PX452 (at the 50% level) is a requirement for the award of the MPhys degree. Students who do not meet this requirement but, who have otherwise passed the year, will be awarded a BSc.


Mathematics examinations for modules taught in the first term are usually examined in weeks 30 and 31.

For information on the format and proposed scheduling of the physics examinations, follow the link in the rh menu.

You should note that, for all students starting in 2020/21 or thereafter, the pass mark on level 4 modules (PX4.., MA4.. etc) is 50%. Marks less than this will count towards the overall credit but not to the CATS credits passed, and will appear as fails on your transcript.


If you fail modules assessed by written examination, it is possible that the Examination Board will require you to take, or offer you optional resits in these modules. If you are in either of these categories, you should discuss your position with your tutor.

Required resits would be likely in the case that you have not passed enough credits to graduate with an integrated masters degree. Optional resits might be offered, where the fail is due to mitigating circumstances and when a good mark in the resit would be likely to lift your overall mark into a higher classification.

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