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Progress & Assessment

Physics Project

Your project supervisor will be monitoring the effort you are putting in on your project and, in extreme cases, lack of effort may result in formal 'Requirement to Withdraw' proceedings being initiated.

Please note that passing PX402 (at the 40% level) is a requirement for the award of the MPhys degree. Students who do not meet this requirement but, who have otherwise passed the year, will be awarded a BSc.


As you know we operate a credit accumulation scheme whereby your performance in all years of your course count towards your final degree classification. Your marks this year contribute 40% towards that final classification.

Assessed Modules

This year all lectured modules given by the Physics Department are assessed by formal examination. PX425 High Performance Computing in Physics is wholly assessed by coursework.

Most of the courses given by outside departments are assessed by a combination of coursework, e.g. essays, and examination.


Examinations are held at two points during the year - week 30 (i.e. immediately after the Easter vacation) and in May/June (weeks 33-36).

This year each examination will assess one module. For 15 CATS modules the examination will be of 2 hours duration whilst 1.5 hour examinations will be used for 7.5 CATS modules. For 15 CATS physics modules, the examination paper will have four questions and you should attempt three of these. For 7.5 CATS physics modules you should attempt two questions chosen from three.

The 4th year papers set by the Physics Department are likely to be as follows:

  • Week 30
    • PX436 General Relativity
    • PX446 Condensed Matter Physics II
  • Weeks 33 to 36
    • PX408 Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
    • PX420 Solar Magnetohydrodynamics
    • PX430 Gauge Theories for Particle Physics
    • PX431 Structure and Dynamics of Solids
    • PX435 Neutrino Physics
    • PX438 Physics of Fusion Power
    • PX443 Planets, Exo-planets and Life
    • PX444 The Distant Universe
    • PX445 Advanced Particle Physics
    • PX447 Quantum Computation and Simulation

The examination results will be released on Tabula at a date to be decided by the University Administration.

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