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Physics 50th anniversary celebration

Saturday 4th, July 2015

Department of Physics, University of Warwick

Thanks to all those who joined us to mark 50 years of Warwick Physics!


50 years of Physics at Warwick

We held a day of celebrations on Saturday 4th July to mark the 50th anniversary of Warwick's Physics Department and to look forward to the next fifty years. The day was for alumni, staff, students and their families. Visitors had the opportunity to tour the department and facilities, to see demonstrations and outreach activities and to catch up with fellow alumni.

Activities on the day
  • Imagining the future
    • We buried a time capsule, to be opened on the 100th anniversary!
    • Did you take photos on the day of your classmates, the department, or the campus, or have photos from long ago? Send them to us via physics50.
  • Remembering the past
    • Friends from yesterday met throughout the day.
    • Find yourself on our photo gallery of days gone by, all the way to 1965!
  • Celebrating the present
    • We had tours of the department and the ever increasing Warwick campus.
    • We made a fingerprint tree of all visitors on the day, to be displayed in the department.
    • Current students led outreach activities (including flying rockets with Rocket Society!)

Thanks to all those who helped make this a day that our alumni, students and staff, and their families will still speak of in 50 years to come!





When Where What Who
09:00-10:00 concourse Registration + tea/coffee/biscuits + physics demonstrations  
10:00-10:15 L3 Welcome back to Physics Prof. Robin Ball, Head of Department
10:15-11:00 L3 -Early days of Physics at Warwick, 1965 to the 1980s
-Consolidating the Physics Department, 1989-2001
-To New Strengths in Physics, 2001 - 2010
Prof. John Forty
Prof. Stuart Palmer
Prof. Malcolm Cooper
11:00-11:15 L3 Physics Now! Student Physics Society
11:15-11:45 concourse tea/coffee/biscuits + physics demonstrations  
New Challenges in Physics
11:45-12:15 L3 Already 3 years? The Higgs is a toddler! Dr. Sinead Farrington and Prof. Bill Murray,
Warwick High Energy Physics
12:15-12:45 L3 Listening for disasters: how using ultrasound can help us to prevent them Dr. Rachel Edwards
12:45-14:00 concourse buffet lunch + physics demonstrations  
14:00-14:30 L3 Where no one has gone before: exploring the most distant objects in the Universe Prof. Andrew Levan, Warwick Astronomy
Parallel activity 1
14:30-16:00 concourse tours of the department/facilities/campus students and staff to guide
Parallel activity 2
Select your decade:
alumni, students and staff
Parallel activity 3
14:30-16:00 concourse

demonstrations by members of the departmental outreach team, the physics society and the rocket society:

  • fun fly sticks
  • bubble ring
  • UV beads
  • Musical tubes
  • Liquid nitrogen ice cream
  • cuddly solar system
  • drawing
  • making and launching rockets with the Rocket Society
inquire at stands
16:00-16:30 concourse tea/coffee/biscuits + physics demonstrations  
Imagining the future
16:30-17:00 outside Burial of the time capsule  
17:00 - behind library Grand Barbeque Prof. George Rowlands


Staff 1966


Staff 1983


Graduation 2012