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Ferroelectric Photovoltaics - Fact, fiction, hype ... or hope ? -

Ferroelectric Photovoltaics

- Fact, fiction, hype ... or hope ? -

19 & 20 January 2012 @ Warwick University


==> Correspondance on the Workshop outcome:

J. Kreisel, M. Alexe, and P.A. Thomas, "A photoferroelectric material is more than the sum of its parts", Nature Materials 11, 260 (2012).(PDF Document)


Ferroelectric photovoltaic materials are recently generating much interest. Although PV effects in ferroelectrics have been known for 50 years, they have received little attention due to their initially reported low power conversion efficiency. The recent interest in PV ferroelectrics is triggered by reports that the low conversion efficiencies can be overcome by large (above-band gap) photovoltages in complex oxides, the possibility of tip-enhanced PV effects at the nanoscale or the fundamental role of domain walls which can be tuned by external fields. All this indicates that ferroelectric photovoltaic materials potentially have a bright future for solar-energy generation.

Most of the international research effort on Ferroelectric photovoltaic materials has been conducted outside Europe, despite a longstanding expertise in both ferroelectric materials and photovoltaic applications. The aim of this European workshop is to discuss both fundamental ferroelectrics-related issues and the potential of ferroelectric photovoltaics for applications.

How are we to separate fact from fiction, and hype from hope in PV ferroelectrics?

The invitation-only workshop is limited to 30 participants to promote high-quality discussions.

The workshop will be on two-half days (afternoon 19th to lunch 20th) allowing to fly in and out within two days.

For any enquiries, please contact us at Ferro_PV at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Workshop venue & Accomodation

Radcliffe House conference and training centre


Institute of Advanced Study

(University of Warwick)

Physics Days at Warwick