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Physics Day : Mechanics of Membranes : From Differential Geometry to Cell Transport

When: Friday 2nd November 2018

Where: Complexity Common Room (Maths), A0.28 (Millburn House) & MS.03 (Maths)

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Mechanics of Membranes: From Differential Geometry to Cell Transport

Lipid membranes not only play a vital role in many cellular processes, ranging from cell shape to endocytosis, but also display many interesting physical phenomena due to the coupling of fluid dynamics and elasticity in complex geometries. As such the area has attracted much recent interest from biologists, statistical physicists and fluid dynamicists. The physics of membranes also provides a nice bridge between physics and biology due to the development of in vitro systems in which physical predictions can be tested avoiding all the complexities of a living cell. Recently there has been more focus on the interplay between proteins and the membrane and the role that so called “active” forces can play in shaping the membrane. In particular general covariant formulations for so-called “Active Surfaces” have recently been developed. These provide a framework for addressing problems, both in active lipid membranes and thin growing tissues. This meeting will address a number of contemporary questions in this field by bringing together scientists from a range of different backgrounds (Chemistry, Maths, Physics and Life Sciences). A particular focus will be to develop the relationship between the more abstract mathematical models and real biological systems.



[Complexity Common Room in Maths]

11:45 ... Lunch/Welcome/Posters

[A0.28 in Millburn House]

Session 1 Chair : Gareth Alexander

12:30 Daniel Pierce (Geneva) - Controlling an active nematic fluid with curvature and topology

13:10 Shigeyuki Komura (Tokyo) - Thermal and active fluctuations of a compressible bilayer vesicle

[Complexity Common Room in Maths]

13:50 ... Coffee Break & Posters

[MS.03 in Maths]

Session 2 Chair : Matthew S Turner

14:20 Sami Al-Izzi (Warwick) - Shear-driven instabilities on membrane tubes and Dynamin-induced scission

15:00 Björn Stinner (Warwick) - Computational Modelling of Cell Blebbing

[Complexity Common Room in Maths]

15:30 ... Coffee Break & Posters

[MS.03 in Maths]

Session 3 Chair : Sami Al-Izzi

16:10 Piermarco Fonda (Leiden) - Interface geometry of binary mixtures on curved substrates

16:50 Pierre Sens (Paris) - Modelling membrane bound cellular organelles with non-equilibrium dynamics

17:30 Concluding Remarks & Conference Dinner