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Programme and Speakers


The first issue of the Elsevier journal Surface Science appeared in 1964. The field of Surface Science has endured as a distinctive scientific endeavour but, of course, has evolved enormously. Warwick has contributed to and shared in this global advancement. In Physics, this is perhaps most notable through the achievements of Professor Phil Woodruff FRS and Professor Chris McConville. Today, Warwick researchers across Physics, Chemistry and Engineering all use Surface Science-derived tools in their work (even if they do not self-identify as “surface scientists”). More broadly, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology can be seen as children of Surface Science: their impact can hardly be overestimated. In fact, the Surface Science Group at Warwick became the Surface, Interface & Thin Film Group and then part of the Nanophysics Cluster, reflecting rather directly this evolution.

This Physics Day is devoted to the past, present and future of Surface Science through the prism of the work at Warwick of Professor Chris McConville. Both collaborators and former PhD students will discuss their work with Chris and how it has influenced their present and future science.

Times, Speakers and Titles

Time Location Speaker Affiliation Title
13:30-14:00 Physics Concourse Arrival and Registration
14:00-14:15 PLT Dr. Gavin Bell University of Warwick Welcome, introduction and a tiny bit of science
14:15-14:45 PLT Professor Philip Moriarty University of Nottingham Can we really see chemical bonds with scanning probes?
14:45-15:15 PLT Dr. Tim Veal University of Liverpool Indium-containing semiconductors and beyond
15:15-15:45 PLT Professor Peter Beton University of Nottingham Adventures on boron nitride: molecular adsorption and graphene growth
15:45-16:00 Physics Concourse Tea break    
16:00-16:30 PLT Dr. Philip King University of St. Andrews From surface quantum wells to controlling many-body interactions in oxides
16:30-17:00 PLT Dr. Tim Noakes ASTeC, Daresbury Laboratory Ion Scattering; Past, Present and Future; Low, Medium and High
17:00 Physics Concourse

Drinks Reception

19:00 Radcliffe