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PMC-Internal L2/L3 RR successfully concludes

The first major review of PSM activity, the L2/L3 Requirements Review, was closed-out on the 9th of March 2020. This internal review, which was run completely by the PLATO Mission Consortium, assessed the requirements for the L2 & L3 data processing pipelines, the systems that take PLATO light curves and identify planetary candidates, confirm planetary systems, and derive stellar properties.

A total of 236 RIDs were raised by the reviewers (48 major, 153 minor, 33 editorial, 2 rejected). Answers were supplied by the document authors, with 128 action items raised during panel discussions. Of these actions, 87 remain to be completed over the coming months.

The review concluded with a meeting of the Review Board, who made several recommendations for future development but were generally impressed by how the review went and considered it a success. This was the first review to be conducted entirely using the PLATO Consortium's common infrastructure system, SCIP, and ran very smoothly.

The PSM Office would like to thank all members of the PSM who participated in this review in any capacity.

Tue 10 Mar 2020, 09:00 | Tags: Review, Exoplanets, PDC, PSM, ESA, data processing, news, PLATO, PMC, requirements, L2/3 RR, SCIP, Success