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COVID-19: a message from the PLATO Consortium Lead

Dear PLATO Team,

While the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting our lives more and more. It is only natural that the safety of our families is paramount at this difficult time. I also know that many of us are in contact with each other at a personal level – friends and colleagues that have come together through our joint project.

In the coming weeks, it may become more and more of a challenge to organize our normal work. Many of us are already working from our homes, some in countries which are already applying a complete lockdown on the mobility of individuals. Nevertheless, I sense a strong will throughout the PLATO Team to keep going as much as possible under the current circumstances.

The hardware production, which has been progressing much in recent months, is of course most affected by the current restrictions. Still, I see people going to their labs where they can, or trying to do what is possible remotely. The whole project greatly appreciates your efforts.

PDC and PSM activities aim to continue through the present emergency with remote working capabilities, and I see a great team spirit here.

It is at present unclear how large the impact of the current virus-crisis will finally be. That will depend on its duration and further potential productivity limitations.

However, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you in the PLATO Team who, together with our colleagues at ESA, keep the spirit. In such difficult times it is important to hold together, at home, in our neighborhood, and among our colleagues at work.

The PLATO Team shows great solidarity with our colleagues in the countries most affected by the virus. We all hope the situation will improve soon everywhere, and that we will be able to return to our normal life soon.

Please keep your family and yourself safe,

Heike Rauer

(PLATO Consortium Lead)

Fri 03 Apr 2020, 09:00 | Tags: PSM, PSM Office, news, PLATO, Newsletter, stay safe, stay home, COVID-19, support