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Condensed Matter Publications 2016

[1] Controlled sp(2) Functionalization of Boron Doped Diamond as a Route for the Fabrication of Robust and Nernstian pH Electrodes, Z. J. Ayres, A. J. Borrill, J. C. Newland, M. E. Newton, J. V. Macpherson, Analytical Chemistry 88, 974 (2016).

[2] Quinone electrochemistry for the comparative assessment of sp(2) surface content of boron doped diamond electrodes, Z. J. Ayres, S. J. Cobb, M. E. Newton, J. V. Macpherson, Electrochemistry Communications 72, 59 (2016).

[3] Quantitative analysis of trace palladium contamination in solution using electrochemical X-ray fluorescence (EC-XRF), Z. J. Ayres, M. E. Newton, J. V. Macpherson, Analyst 141, 3349 (2016).

[4] Structure and magnetism in Cr-embedded Co nanoparticles, S. H. Baker, M. S. Kurt, M. Roy, M. R. Lees, C. Binns, J. Phys.-Condes. Matter 28, 046003 (2016).

[5] Spin-valley locking in the normal state of a transition-metal dichalcogenide superconductor, L. Bawden, S. P. Cooil, F. Mazzola, J. M. Riley, L. J. Collins-McIntyre, V. Sunko, K. W. B. Hunvik, M. Leandersson, C. M. Polley, T. Balasubramanian, T. K. Kim, M. Hoesch, J. W. Wells, G. Balakrishnan, M. S. Bahramy, P. D. C. King, Nature Communications 7, 11711 (2016).

[6] Interference effects in silicon-germanium heterostructures with quantum wells of different widths, I. B. Berkutov, V. V. Andrievskii, Y. F. Komnik, Y. A. Kolesnichenko, A. I. Berkutova, D. R. Leadley, O. A. Mironov, Low Temperature Physics 42, 111 (2016).

[7] Soluble silicon patterns and templates: calcium phosphate nanocrystal deposition in collagen type 1, G. Birdi-Chouhan, R. M. Shelton, J. Bowen, P. Goldberg-Oppenheimer, S. J. Page, J. V. Hanna, A. Peacock, A. J. Wright, L. M. Grover, Rsc Advances 6, 99809 (2016).

[8] Octanuclear Heterobimetallic {Ni(4)Ln(4)} Assemblies Possessing Ln(4) Square Grid 2 x 2 Motifs: Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetism, S. Biswas, J. Goura, S. Das, C. V. Topping, J. Brambleby, P. A. Goddard, V. Chandrasekhar, Inorganic Chemistry 55, 8422 (2016).

[9] Magnetic properties and crystal field in Pr2Zr2O7, P. Bonville, S. Guitteny, A. Gukasov, I. Mirebeau, S. Petit, C. Decorse, M. C. Hatnean, G. Balakrishnan, Physical Review B 94, 134428 (2016).

[10] Controlled electrochemical and electroless deposition of noble metal nanoparticles on graphene, C. Bosch-Navarro, J. P. Rourke, N. R. Wilson, Rsc Advances 6, 73790 (2016).

[11] Selective Imaging of Discrete Polyoxometalate Ions on Graphene Oxide under Variable Voltage Conditions, C. Bosch-Nayarro, L. M. Perkins, R. J. Kashtiban, J. P. Rourke, I. J. Shannon, J. Sloan, Acs Nano 10, 796 (2016).

[12] Carbon Nanotubes as Electrically Active Nanoreactors for Multi-Step Inorganic Synthesis: Sequential Transformations of Molecules to Nanoclusters and Nanoclusters to Nanoribbons, A. Botos, J. Biskupek, T. W. Chamberlain, G. A. Rance, C. T. Stoppiello, J. Sloan, Z. Liu, K. Suenaga, U. Kaiser, A. N. Khlobystov, Journal of the American Chemical Society 138, 8175 (2016).

[13] Optical Response of Strained- and Unstrained-Silicon Cold-Electron Bolometers, T. L. R. Brien, P. A. R. Ade, P. S. Barry, C. J. Dunscombe, D. R. Leadley, D. V. Morozov, M. Myronov, E. H. C. Parker, M. J. Prest, M. Prunnila, R. V. Sudiwala, T. E. Whall, P. D. Mauskopf, Journal of Low Temperature Physics 184, 231 (2016).

[14] Long-range interactions, wobbles, and phase defects in chains of model cilia, D. R. Brumley, N. Bruot, J. Kotar, R. E. Goldstein, P. Cicuta, M. Polin, Physical Review Fluids 1, 081201 (2016).

[15] Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction in Air and Vacuum: Strain and Structure at the Nano-scale, C. Burrows, T. Hase, J. Aldous, S. Hatfield, M. Ashwin, G. Bell, Ieee, 2016 Compound Semiconductor Week (Csw) Includes 28th International Conference on Indium Phosphide & Related Materials (Iprm) & 43rd International Symposium on Compound Semiconductors (Iscs) (2016).

[16] High temperature flexural ultrasonic transducer for non-contact measurement applications, S. E. Burrows, S. N. Ramadas, T. J. R. Eriksson, L. Kang, S. M. Dixon, A. Unger, M. Kupnik, Ieee, 2016 Joint Ieee International Symposium on the Applications of Ferroelectrics, European Conference on Application of Polar Dielectrics, and Piezoelectric Force Microscopy Workshop (Isaf/Ecapd/Pfm), (2016).

[17] Synthesis and properties of new beta-Sialon/TiN composites via a novel AlxTiy intermediate, P. Calloch, I. W. M. Brown, K. J. D. MacKenzie, J. V. Hanna, G. J. Rees, Ceramics International 42, 2330 (2016).

[18] Bioactive Sol-Gel Glasses at the Atomic Scale: The Complementary Use of Advanced Probe and Computer Modeling Methods, J. K. Christie, A. N. Cormack, J. V. Hanna, R. A. Martin, R. J. Newport, D. M. Pickup, M. E. Smith, International Journal of Applied Glass Science 7, 147 (2016).

[19] On the possibility of using X-ray Compton scattering to study magnetoelectrical properties of crystals, S. P. Collins, D. Laundy, T. Connolley, G. van der Laan, F. Fabrizi, O. Janssen, M. J. Cooper, H. Ebert, S. Mankovsky, Acta Crystallographica a-Foundation and Advances 72, 197 (2016).

[20] Mapping the strain and tilt of a suspended 3C-SiC membrane through micro X-ray diffraction, G. Colston, S. D. Rhead, V. A. Shah, O. J. Newell, I. P. Dolbnya, D. R. Leadley, M. Myronov, Materials & Design 103, 244 (2016).

[21] Neutron diffraction and multinuclear solid state NMR investigation into the structures of oxide ion conducting La9.6Si6O26.4 and La8Sr2Si6O26, and their hydrated phases, B. J. Corrie, J. F. Shin, S. Hull, K. S. Knight, M. C. Vlachou, J. V. Hanna, P. R. Slater, Dalton Transactions 45, 121 (2016).

[22] Electrodeposition of Protocrystalline Germanium from Supercritical Difluoromethane, C. Y. Cummings, P. N. Bartlett, D. Pugh, G. Reid, W. Levason, M. M. Hasan, A. L. Hector, J. Spencer, D. C. Smith, S. Marks, R. Beanland, Chemelectrochem 3, 726 (2016).

[23] Local A-Site Layering in Rare-Earth Orthochromite Perovskites by Solution Synthesis, L. M. Daniels, R. J. Kashtiban, D. Kepaptsoglou, Q. M. Ramasse, J. Sloan, R. I. Walton, Chemistry-a European Journal 22, 18362 (2016).

[24] Multinuclear Solid-State NMR Investigation of Hexaniobate and Hexatantalate Compounds, G. J. P. Deblonde, C. Coelho-Diogo, A. Chagnes, G. Cote, M. E. Smith, J. V. Hanna, D. Iuga, C. Bonhomme, Inorganic Chemistry 55, 5946 (2016).

[25] Direct quantitative identification of the "surface trans-effect", P. S. Deimel, R. M. Bababrik, B. Wang, P. J. Blowey, L. A. Rochford, P. K. Thakur, T.-L. Lee, M.-L. Bocquet, J. V. Barth, D. P. Woodruff, D. A. Duncan, F. Allegretti, Chemical Science 7, 5647 (2016).

[26] Experimental and Theoretical Electron Density Analysis of Copper Pyrazine Nitrate Quasi-Low-Dimensional Quantum Magnets, L. H. R. Dos Santos, A. Lanza, A. M. Barton, J. Brambleby, W. J. A. Blackmore, P. A. Goddard, F. Xiao, R. C. Williams, T. Lancaster, F. L. Pratt, S. J. Blundell, J. Singleton, J. L. Manson, P. Macchi, Journal of the American Chemical Society 138, 2280 (2016).

[27] A scanning tunnelling microscopy study of C and N adsorption phases on the vicinal Ni(100) surfaces Ni(810) and Ni(911), S. M. Driver, R. L. Toomes, D. P. Woodruff, Surface Science 646, 114 (2016).

[28] Preparation of a hybrid Cu2O/CuMoO4 nanosheet electrode for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors, D. Du, R. Lan, W. Xu, R. Beanland, H. Wang, S. Tao, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4, 17749 (2016).

[29] Enhancement of island size by dynamic substrate disorder in simulations of graphene growth, G. Enstone, P. Brommer, D. Quigley, G. R. Bell, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18, 15102 (2016).

[30] Epitaxial growth on a dynamically rough substrate: a Monte Carlo model of graphene / Cu(111), G. Enstone, P. Brommer, D. Quigley, G. R. Bell, Ieee, 2016 Compound Semiconductor Week (Csw) Includes 28th International Conference on Indium Phosphide & Related Materials (Iprm) & 43rd International Symposium on Compound Semiconductors (Iscs), (2016).

[31] Experimental and simulation characterisation of flexural vibration modes in unimorph ultrasound transducers, T. J. R. Eriksson, S. N. Ramadas, S. M. Dixon, Ultrasonics 65, 242 (2016).

[32] M. Failla, J. Keller, G. Scalari, J. Faist, M. Myronov, D. Leadley, J. Lloyd-Hughes, Ieee, Terahertz quantum Hall effect in spin-split 2D heavy-hole gases, in: 41st International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves, 2016.

[33] New composites of nanoparticle Cu (I) oxide and titania in a novel inorganic polymer (geopolymer) matrix for destruction of dyes and hazardous organic pollutants, M. Falah, K. J. D. MacKenzie, R. Knibbe, S. J. Page, J. V. Hanna, Journal of Hazardous Materials 318, 772 (2016).

[34] Control of the third dimension in copper-based square-lattice antiferromagnets, P. A. Goddard, J. Singleton, I. Franke, J. S. Moeller, T. Lancaster, A. J. Steele, C. V. Topping, S. J. Blundell, F. L. Pratt, C. Baines, J. Bendix, R. D. McDonald, J. Brambleby, M. R. Lees, S. H. Lapidus, P. W. Stephens, B. W. Twamley, M. M. Conner, K. Funk, J. F. Corbey, H. E. Tran, J. A. Schlueter, J. L. Manson, Physical Review B 93, 094430 (2016).

[35] Heterometallic trinuclear {Co(2)(III)Ln(III)} (Ln = Gd, Tb, Ho and Er) complexes in a bent geometry. Field-induced single-ion magnetic behavior of the Er-III and Tb-III analogues, J. Goura, J. Brambleby, C. V. Topping, P. A. Goddard, R. S. Narayanan, A. K. Bar, V. Chandrasekhar, Dalton Transactions 45, 9235 (2016).

[36] From crystalline to amorphous calcium pyrophosphates: A solid state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance perspective, P. Gras, A. Baker, C. Combes, C. Rey, S. Sarda, A. J. Wright, M. E. Smith, J. V. Hanna, C. Gervais, D. Laurencin, C. Bonhomme, Acta Biomaterialia 31, 348 (2016).

[37] Controlling particle size in the Stober process and incorporation of calcium, S. L. Greasley, S. J. Page, S. Sirovica, S. Chen, R. A. Martin, A. Riveiro, J. V. Hanna, A. E. Porter, J. R. Jones, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 469, 213 (2016).

[38] Improving the sensitivity of J coupling measurements in solids with application to disordered materials, P. Guerry, S. P. Brown, M. E. Smith, Aip Advances 6, 055008 (2016).

[39] Electron-beam-induced ferroelectric domain behavior in the transmission electron microscope: Toward deterministic domain patterning, J. L. Hart, S. Liu, A. C. Lang, A. Hubert, A. Zukauskas, C. Canalias, R. Beanland, A. M. Rappe, M. Arredondo, M. L. Taheri, Physical Review B 94, 174104 (2016).

[40] Zirconate Pyrochlore Frustrated Magnets: Crystal Growth by the Floating Zone Technique, M. C. Hatnean, C. Decorse, M. R. Lees, O. A. Petrenko, G. Balakrishnan, Crystals 6, 79 (2016).

[41] Single crystal growth, structure and magnetic properties of Pr2Hf2O7 pyrochlore, M. C. Hatnean, R. Sibille, M. R. Lees, M. Kenzelmann, V. Ban, V. Pomjakushin, G. Balakrishnan, Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an Institute of Physics journal 29, 075902 (2016).

[42] Ba4Ru3O10.2(OH)(1.8): a new member of the layered hexagonal perovskite family crystallised from water, C. I. Hiley, M. R. Lees, D. L. Hammond, R. J. Kashtiban, J. Sloan, R. I. Smith, R. I. Walton, Chemical Communications 52, 6375 (2016).

[43] Probing beneath the surface without a scratch Bulk non-destructive elemental analysis using negative muons, A. D. Hillier, D. M. Paul, K. Ishida, Microchemical Journal 125, 203 (2016).

[44] Fermi-surface topologies and low-temperature phases of the filled skutterudite compounds CeOs4Sb12 and NdOs4Sb12, P. C. Ho, J. Singleton, P. A. Goddard, F. F. Balakirev, S. Chikara, T. Yanagisawa, M. B. Maple, D. B. Shrekenhamer, X. Lee, A. T. Thomas, Physical Review B 94, 205140 (2016).

[45] Formation, stability and crystal structure of mullite-type Al6-xBxO9, K. Hoffmann, T. J. N. Hooper, M. M. Murshed, O. Dolotko, Z. Revay, A. Senyshyn, H. Schneider, J. V. Hanna, T. M. Gesing, R. X. Fischer, Journal of Solid State Chemistry 243, 124 (2016).

[46] A brief introduction to the model microswimmer Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, R. Jeanneret, M. Contino, M. Polin, European Physical Journal-Special Topics 225, 2141 (2016).

[47] Entrainment dominates the interaction of microalgae with micron-sized objects, R. Jeanneret, D. O. Pushkin, V. Kantsler, M. Polin, Nature Communications 7, 12518 (2016).

[48] J. Keller, G. Scalari, G. L. Paravicini-Bagliani, C. Maissen, J. Haase, M. Failla, M. Myronov, D. R. Leadley, J. Lloyd-Hughes, J. Faist, Ieee, Ultra-strong coupling with spin-split heavy-hole cyclotron resonances in strained Ge quantum wells, in: 2016 41st International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves, 2016.

[49] Dynamic Nuclear Polarization enhanced NMR at 187 GHz/284 MHz using an Extended Interaction Klystron amplifier, T. F. Kemp, H. R. W. Dannatt, N. S. Barrow, A. Watts, S. P. Brown, M. E. Newton, R. Dupree, Journal of Magnetic Resonance 265, 77 (2016).

[50] The structure and continuous stoichiometry change of 1DTbBr(x)@SWCNTs, N. A. Kiselev, A. S. Kumskov, V. G. Zhigalina, A. L. Vasiliev, J. Sloan, N. S. Falaleev, N. I. Verbitskiy, A. A. Eliseev, Journal of Microscopy 262, 92 (2016).

[51] Optimisation of anatase TiO2 thin film growth on LaAlO3(001) using pulsed laser deposition, K. Krupski, A. M. Sanchez, A. Krupski, C. F. McConville, Applied Surface Science 388, 684 (2016).

[52] Growth and characterisation of InAsP/AlGaInP QD laser structures, A. B. Krysa, J. S. Roberts, J. Devenson, R. Beanland, I. Karomi, S. Shutts, P. M. Smowton, Ieee, 2016 Compound Semiconductor Week (Csw) Includes 28th International Conference on Indium Phosphide & Related Materials (Iprm) & 43rd International Symposium on Compound Semiconductors (Iscs), (2016).

[53] The role of chemical structure on the magnetic and electronic properties of Co2FeAl0.5Si0.5/Si(111) interface, B. Kuerbanjiang, Z. Nedelkoski, D. Kepaptsoglou, A. Ghasemi, S. E. Glover, S. Yamada, T. Saerbeck, Q. M. Ramasse, P. J. Hasnip, T. P. A. Hase, G. R. Bell, K. Hamaya, A. Hirohata, V. K. Lazarov, Applied Physics Letters 108, 172412 (2016).

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[56] Direct Fabrication of Functional Ultrathin Single-Crystal Nanowires from Quasi-One-Dimensional van der Waals Crystals, X. Liu, J. Liu, L. Y. Antipina, J. Hu, C. Yue, A. M. Sanchez, P. B. Sorokin, Z. Mao, J. Wei, Nano Letters 16, 6188 (2016).

[57] Physical aspects of ferroelectric semiconductors for photovoltaic solar energy conversion, P. Lopez-Varo, L. Bertoluzzi, J. Bisquert, M. Alexe, M. Coll, J. Huang, J. Antonio Jimenez-Tejada, T. Kirchartz, R. Nechache, F. Rosei, Y. Yuan, Physics Reports-Review Section of Physics Letters 653, 1 (2016).

[58] Long-range magnetic interactions and proximity effects in an amorphous exchange-spring magnet, F. Magnus, M. E. Brooks-Bartlett, R. Moubah, R. A. Procter, G. Andersson, T. P. A. Hase, S. T. Banks, B. Hjoervarsson, Nature Communications 7, 11931 (2016).

[59] Bimetallic MOFs (H3O)(x) Cu(MF6)(pyrazine)(2) center dot(4-x)H2O (M = V4+, x=0; M = Ga3+, x=1): co-existence of ordered and disordered quantum spins in the V4+ system, J. L. Manson, J. A. Schlueter, K. E. Garrett, P. A. Goddard, T. Lancaster, J. S. Moller, S. J. Blundell, A. J. Steele, I. Franke, F. L. Pratt, J. Singleton, J. Bendix, S. H. Lapidus, M. Uhlarz, O. Ayala-Valenzuela, R. D. McDonald, M. Gurak, C. Baines, Chemical Communications 52, 12653 (2016).

[60] Growth of Large Crystalline Grains of Vanadyl-Phthalocyanine without Epitaxy on Graphene, A. J. Marsden, L. A. Rochford, D. Wood, A. J. Ramadan, Z. P. L. Laker, T. S. Jones, N. R. Wilson, Advanced Functional Materials 26, 1188 (2016).

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[63] Si1-xGex/Si Interface Profiles Measured to Sub-Nanometer Precision Using uleSIMS Energy Sequencing, R. J. H. Morris, T. P. A. Hase, A. M. Sanchez, G. Rowlands, Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry 27, 1694 (2016).

[64] Complex quantum transport in a modulation doped strained Ge quantum well heterostructure with a high mobility 2D hole gas, C. Morrison, C. Casteleiro, D. R. Leadley, M. Myronov, Applied Physics Letters 109, 91102103 (2016).

[65] Evidence of strong spin-orbit interaction in strained epitaxial germanium, C. Morrison, J. Foronda, P. Wisniewski, S. D. Rhead, D. R. Leadley, M. Myronov, Thin Solid Films 602, 84 (2016).

[66] Novel Zn-based alloys for biodegradable stent applications: Design, development and in vitro degradation, E. Mostaed, M. Sikora-Jasinska, A. Mostaed, S. Loffredo, A. G. Demir, B. Preuitali, D. Mantouani, R. Beanland, M. Vedani, Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 60, 581 (2016).

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[70] What change in outcomes after cardiac arrest is necessary to change practice? Results of an international survey, G. Nichol, S. P. Brown, G. D. Perkins, F. Kim, F. Sterz, J. A. B. Elrod, S. Mentzelopoulos, R. Lyon, Y. Arabi, M. Castren, P. Larsen, T. Valenzuela, J.-T. Graesner, S. Youngquist, N. Khunkhlai, H. E. Wang, F. Ondrej, J. M. Fraga Sastrias, A. Barasa, M. R. Sayre, Resuscitation 107, 115 (2016).

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