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Condensed Matter Publications 2019

[1] Superconductivity in monocrystalline YNiSi3 and LuNiSi3, F. R. Arantes, D. Aristizabal-Giraldo, D. A. Mayoh, Y. Yamane, C. Yang, M. R. Lees, J. M. Osorio-Guillen, T. Takabatake, M. A. Avila, Phys. Rev. B 99, 224505 (2019).

[2] Light Control of Localized Photobioconvection, J. Arrieta, M. Polin, R. Saleta-Piersanti, I. Tuval, Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 158101 (2019).

[3] Ring-Opening Polymerization of Cyclic Phosphonates: Access to Inorganic Polymers with a P-v-O Main Chain, M. I. Arz, V. T. Annibale, N. L. Kelly, J. V. Hanna, I. Manners, Journal of the American Chemical Society 141, 2894 (2019).

[4] Effects of manganese incorporation on the morphology, structure and cytotoxicity of spherical bioactive glass nanoparticles, B. R. Barrioni, P. Naruphontjirakul, E. Norris, S. Li, N. L. Kelly, J. V. Hanna, M. M. Stevens, J. R. Jones, M. d. M. Pereira, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 547, 382 (2019).

[5] Vibrational modes and overlap matrix of LiNb1-xTaxO3 mixed crystals, A. Bartasyte, S. Margueron, A. M. Glazer, E. Simon, I. Gregora, S. Huband, P. A. Thomas, Phys. Rev. B 99, 094306 (2019).

[6] Crystal Chemistry and Antibacterial Properties of Cupriferous Hydroxyapatite, A. Bhattacharjee, Y. Fang, T. J. N. Hooper, N. L. Kelly, D. Gupta, K. Balani, I. Manna, T. Baikie, P. T. Bishop, T. J. White, J. V. Hanna, Materials 12, 1814 (2019).

[7] XMaS @ the ESRF, O. Bikondoa, L. Bouchenoire, S. D. Brown, P. B. J. Thompson, D. Wermeille, C. A. Lucas, M. J. Cooper, T. P. A. Hase, Philos. Trans. R. Soc. A-Math. Phys. Eng. Sci. 377, 20180237 (2019).

[8] Increased lifetime of metastable skyrmions by controlled doping, M. T. Birch, R. Takagi, S. Seki, M. N. Wilson, F. Kagawa, A. Stefancic, G. Balakrishnan, R. Fan, P. Steadman, C. J. Ottley, M. Crisanti, R. Cubitt, T. Lancaster, Y. Tokura, P. D. Hatton, Phys. Rev. B 100, 014425 (2019).

[9] Determining the anisotropy and exchange parameters of polycrystalline spin-1 magnets, W. J. A. Blackmore, J. Brambleby, T. Lancaster, S. J. Clark, R. D. Johnson, J. Singleton, A. Ozarowski, J. A. Schlueter, Y. S. Chen, A. M. Arif, S. Lapidus, F. Xiao, R. C. Williams, S. J. Blundell, M. J. Pearce, M. R. Lees, P. Manuel, D. Y. Villa, J. A. Villa, J. L. Manson, P. A. Goddard, New Journal of Physics 21, 093025 (2019).

[10] Characterization of growth and structure of TCNQ phases on Ag(111), P. J. Blowey, A. Haags, L. A. Rochford, J. Felter, D. A. Warr, D. A. Duncan, T. L. Lee, G. Costantini, C. Kumpf, D. P. Woodruff, Physical Review Materials 3, 116001 (2019).

[11] The Structure of VOPc on Cu(111): Does V=O Point Up, or Down, or Both?, P. J. Blowey, R. J. Maurer, L. A. Rochford, D. A. Duncan, J. H. Kang, D. A. Warr, A. J. Ramadan, T. L. Lee, P. K. Thakur, G. Costantini, K. Reuter, D. P. Woodruff, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123, 8101 (2019).

[12] Single-Crystal Growth of Metallic Rare-Earth Tetraborides by the Floating-Zone Technique, D. Brunt, M. C. Hatnean, O. A. Petrenko, M. R. Lees, G. Balakrishnan, Crystals 9, 211 (2019).

[13] Surface resonance of the (2 x 1) reconstructed lanthanum hexaboride (001)-cleavage plane: A combined STM and DFT study, P. Buchsteiner, F. Sohn, J. G. Horstmann, J. Voigt, M. C. Hatnean, G. Balakrishnan, C. Ropers, P. E. Bloechl, M. Wenderoth, Phys. Rev. B 100, 205407 (2019).

[14] Charge-Carrier Dynamics, Mobilities, and Diffusion Lengths of 2D-3D Hybrid Butylammonium-Cesium-Formamidinium Lead Halide Perovskites, L. R. V. Buizza, T. W. Crothers, Z. Wang, J. B. Patel, R. L. Milot, H. J. Snaith, M. B. Johnston, L. M. Herz, Advanced Functional Materials 29, 1902656 (2019).

[15] Giant Negative Terahertz Photoconductivity in Controllably Doped Carbon Nanotube Networks, M. G. Burdanova, A. P. Tsapenko, D. A. Satco, R. Kashtiban, C. D. W. Mosley, M. Monti, M. Staniforth, J. Sloan, Y. G. Gladush, A. G. Nasibulin, J. Lloyd-Hughes, Acs Photonics 6, 1058 (2019).

[16] Epitaxial growth and surface reconstruction of CrSb(0001), C. W. Burrows, J. D. Aldous, G. R. Bell, Results in Physics 12, 1783 (2019).

[17] Hybrid Heteroepitaxial Growth Mode, C. W. Burrows, T. P. A. Hase, G. R. Bell, Physica Status Solidi a-Applications and Materials Science 216, 1800600 (2019).

[18] Rotation of the magnetic vortex lattice in Ru7B3 driven by the effects of broken time-reversal and inversion symmetry, A. S. Cameron, Y. S. Yerin, Y. V. Tymoshenko, P. Y. Portnichenko, A. S. Sukhanov, M. C. Hatnean, D. M. K. Pau, G. Balakrishnan, R. Cubitt, A. Heinemann, D. S. Inosov, Phys. Rev. B 100, 024518 (2019).

[19] InAs/GaAs quantum dot solar cells with quantum dots in the base region, S. Chan, D. Kim, A. M. Sanchez, Y. Zhang, M. Tang, J. Wu, H. Liu, Iet Optoelectronics 13, 215 (2019).

[20] Control of complex quantum structures in droplet epitaxy, J. M. A. Chawner, Y. Chang, P. D. Hodgson, M. Hayne, A. J. Robson, A. M. Sanchez, Q. Zhuang, Semiconductor Science and Technology 34, 095011 (2019).

[21] Interstitial Boron Atoms in the Palladium Lattice of an Industrial Type of Nanocatalyst: Properties and Structural Modifications, T. Chen, I. Ellis, T. J. N. Hooper, E. Liberti, L. Ye, B. T. W. Lo, C. O'Leary, A. A. Sheader, G. T. Martinez, L. Jones, P.-L. Ho, P. Zhao, J. Cookson, P. T. Bishop, P. Chater, J. V. Hanna, P. Nellist, S. C. E. Tsang, Journal of the American Chemical Society 141, 19616 (2019).

[22] Laser writing of individual nitrogen-vacancy defects in diamond with near-unity yield, Y.-C. Chen, B. Griffiths, L. Weng, S. S. Nicley, S. N. Ishmael, Y. Lekhai, S. Johnson, C. J. Stephen, B. L. Green, G. W. Morley, M. E. Newton, M. J. Booth, P. S. Salter, J. M. Smith, Optica 6, 662 (2019).

[23] Active site isolation in bismuth-poisoned Pd/SiO2 catalysts for selective hydrogenation of furfural, N. Cherkasov, A. J. Exposito, M. S. Aw, J. Fernandez-Garcia, S. Huband, J. Sloan, L. Paniwnyk, E. V. Rebrov, Applied Catalysis a-General 570, 183 (2019).

[24] Deconvoluting Surface-Bound Quinone Proton Coupled Electron Transfer in Unbuffered Solutions: Toward a Universal Voltammetric pH Electrode, S. J. Cobb, Z. J. Ayres, M. E. Newton, J. V. Macpherson, Journal of the American Chemical Society 141, 1035 (2019).

[25] An XRD and NMR crystallographic investigation of the structure of 2,6-lutidinium hydrogen fumarate, E. K. Corlett, H. Blade, L. P. Hughes, P. J. Sidebottom, D. Walker, R. I. Walton, S. P. Brown, Crystengcomm 21, 3502 (2019).

[26] Iron Carbide@Carbon Nanocomposites: A Tool Box of Functional Materials, C. Defilippi, M. O. A. Mukadam, S. A. Nicolae, M. R. Lees, C. Giordano, Materials 12, 323 (2019).

[27] Mid-Infrared InAs/InAsSb Superlattice nBn Photodetector Monolithically Integrated onto Silicon, E. Delli, V. Letka, P. D. Hodgson, E. Repiso, J. P. Hayton, A. P. Craig, Q. Lu, R. Beanland, A. Krier, A. R. J. Marshall, P. J. Carrington, Acs Photonics 6, 538 (2019).

[28] Barriers and facilitators to primary health care for physical and or mental health issues experienced by adolescents and adults with intellectual disabilities (only), autism (only), or both: an integrative review, A. Doherty, R. Hastings, K. Hood, L. James-Jenkinson, R. Leavey, E. Randell, J. Reed, L. Taggart, N. Wilson, U. Chauhan, H. Atherton, Journal of Intellectual Disability Research 63, 873 (2019).

[29] Corrugated graphene exposes the limits of a widely used ab initio van der Waals DFT functional, D. A. Duncan, N. Atodiresei, S. Lisi, P. J. Blowey, V. Caciuc, J. Lawrence, T.-L. Lee, M. G. Betti, P. K. Thakur, A. Della Pia, S. Bluegel, G. Costantini, D. P. Woodruff, Physical Review Materials 3, 124001 (2019).

[30] Improving electron micrograph signal-to-noise with an atrous convolutional encoder-decoder, J. M. Ede, R. Beanland, Ultramicroscopy 202, 18 (2019).

[31] Self-Formed Quantum Wires and Dots in GaAsP-GaAsP Core-Shell Nanowires, H. A. Fonseka, A. V. Velichko, Y. Zhang, J. A. Gott, G. D. Davis, R. Beanland, H. Liu, D. J. Mowbray, A. M. Sanchez, Nano Letters 19, 4158 (2019).

[32] Antibacterial Copper-Doped Calcium Phosphate Glasses for Bone Tissue Regeneration, F. Foroutan, J. McGuire, P. Gupta, A. Nikolaou, B. A. Kyffin, N. L. Kelly, J. V. Hanna, J. Gutierrez-Merino, J. C. Knowles, S.-Y. Baek, E. Velliou, D. Carta, Acs Biomaterials Science & Engineering 5, 6054 (2019).

[33] Defect Dynamics in Self-Catalyzed III-V Semiconductor Nanowires, J. A. Gott, R. Beanland, H. A. Fonseka, J. J. P. Peters, Y. Zhang, H. Liu, A. M. Sanchez, Nano Letters 19, 4574 (2019).

[34] Effect of different atmospheres on the synthesis of Ba2CuGe2O7 single crystals, V. Granata, L. Rocco, A. Ubaldini, M. R. Lees, R. Fittipaldi, M. C. Hatnean, S. Pace, G. Balakrishnan, A. Vecchione, European Physical Journal-Special Topics 228, 703 (2019).

[35] Electronic structure of the neutral silicon-vacancy center in diamond, B. L. Green, M. W. Doherty, E. Nako, N. B. Manson, U. F. S. D'Haenens-Johansson, S. D. Williams, D. J. Twitchen, M. E. Newton, Phys. Rev. B 99, 161112 (2019).

[36] Piezoresponse force microscopy and nanoferroic phenomena, A. Gruverman, M. Alexe, D. Meier, Nat. Commun. 10, 1661 (2019).

[37] Characterisation of graphite nanoplatelets (GNP) prepared at scale by high-pressure homogenisation, V. Guerra, C. Wan, V. Degirmenci, J. Sloan, D. Presvytis, M. Watson, T. McNally, Journal of Materials Chemistry C 7, 6383 (2019).

[38] Indirect to Direct Gap Crossover in Two-Dimensional InSe Revealed by Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy, M. J. Hamer, J. Zultak, A. V. Tyurnina, V. Zolyomi, D. Terry, A. Barinov, A. Garner, J. Donoghue, A. P. Rooney, V. Kandyba, A. Giampietri, A. Graham, N. Teutsch, X. Xia, M. Koperski, S. J. Haigh, V. I. Fal'ko, R. V. Gorbachev, N. R. Wilson, Acs Nano 13, 2136 (2019).

[39] Modulation of Transmembrane Domain Interactions in Neu Receptor Tyrosine Kinase by Membrane Fluidity and Cholesterol, M. Hasan, D. Patel, N. Ellis, S. P. Brown, J. R. Lewandowski, A. M. Dixon, Journal of Membrane Biology 252, 357 (2019).

[40] Ferroelastic domain identification in BiFeO3 crystals using Raman spectroscopy, C. Himcinschi, J. Rix, C. Roeder, M. Rudolph, M.-M. Yang, D. Rafaja, J. Kortus, M. Alexe, Sci. Rep. 9, 379 (2019).

[41] Towards a 3D GeSbTe phase change memory with integrated selector by non-aqueous electrodeposition, R. Huang, G. P. Kissling, R. Kashtiban, Y. J. Noori, K. Cicvaric, W. Zhang, A. L. Hector, R. Beanland, D. C. Smith, G. Reid, P. N. Bartlett, C. H. de Groot, Faraday Discussions 213, 339 (2019).

[42] Structure refinement from 'digital' large angle convergent beam electron diffraction patterns, A. J. M. Hubert, R. Romer, R. Beanland, Ultramicroscopy 198, 1 (2019).

[43] Magnetic order and enhanced exchange in the quasi-one-dimensional molecule-based antiferromagnet Cu(NO3)(2)(pyz)(3), B. M. Huddart, J. Brambleby, T. Lancaster, P. A. Goddard, F. Xiao, S. J. Blundell, F. L. Pratt, J. Singleton, P. Macchi, R. Scatena, A. M. Barton, J. L. Manson, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21, 1014 (2019).

[44] Efficient demultiplexed single-photon source with a quantum dot coupled to a nanophotonic waveguide, T. Hummel, C. Ouellet-Plamondon, E. Ugur, I. Kulkova, T. Lund-Hansen, M. A. Broome, R. Uppu, P. Lodahl, Applied Physics Letters 115, 021102 (2019).

[45] Non-conventional mechanism of ferroelectric fatigue via cation migration, A. V. Ievlev, K. C. Santosh, R. K. Vasudevan, Y. Kim, X. Lu, M. Alexe, V. R. Cooper, S. V. Kalinirr, O. S. Ovchinnikova, Nat. Commun. 10, 3064 (2019).

[46] Confinement Enhances the Diversity of Microbial Flow Fields, R. Jeanneret, D. O. Pushkin, M. Polin, Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 248102 (2019).

[47] Atomic structure and interface chemistry in a high-stiffness and high-strength Al-Si-Mg/TiB2 nanocomposite, S. Ji, F. Amirkhanlu, A. Mostaed, R. Beanland, Materials Science and Engineering a-Structural Materials Properties Microstructure and Processing 763, 138072 (2019).

[48] Benchmarking high fidelity single-shot readout of semiconductor qubits, D. Keith, S. K. Gorman, L. Kranz, Y. He, J. G. Keizer, M. A. Broome, M. Y. Simmons, New Journal of Physics 21, 063011 (2019).

[49] Compound-specific delta N-15 values express differences in amino acid metabolism in plants of varying lignin content, I. P. Kendall, P. Woodward, J. P. Clark, A. K. Styring, J. V. Hanna, R. P. Evershed, Phytochemistry 161, 130 (2019).

[50] Symmetries of modes in Ni3V2O8: Polarized Raman spectroscopy and ab initio phonon calculations, S. Kesari, R. Rao, M. K. Gupta, R. Mittal, G. Balakrishnan, Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 50, 587 (2019).

[51] Synthesis and Characterization of Crystalline NaY-Zeolite from Belitung Kaolin as Catalyst for n-Hexadecane Cracking, Y. K. Krisnandi, I. R. Saragi, R. Sihombing, R. Ekananda, I. P. Sari, B. E. Griffith, J. V. Hanna, Crystals 9, 404 (2019).

[52] Magnetic and structural changes in Cu1-xAlx alloy matrix - Embedded Fe nanoparticle systems, M. S. Kurt, S. H. Baker, M. Roy, M. R. Lees, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 471, 549 (2019).

[53] Magnetism and structure in nanocomposite Fe nanoparticle/Al matrix films, M. S. Kurt, S. H. Baker, M. Roy, M. R. Lees, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 807, 151653 (2019).

[54] Time-resolved X-ray diffraction study of the structural dynamics in an epitaxial ferroelectric thin Pb(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O-3 film induced by sub-coercive fields, C. Kwamen, M. Roessle, W. Leitenberger, M. Alexe, M. Bargheer, Applied Physics Letters 114, 162907 (2019).

[55] O-band InAs/GaAs quantum dot laser monolithically integrated on exact (001) Si substrate, K. Li, Z. Liu, M. Tang, M. Liao, D. Kim, H. Deng, A. M. Sanchez, R. Beanland, M. Martin, T. Baron, S. Chen, J. Wu, A. Seeds, H. Liu, J. Cryst. Growth 511, 56 (2019).

[56] Unconventional Field-Induced Spin Gap in an S=1/2 Chiral Staggered Chain, J. Liu, S. Kittaka, R. D. Johnson, T. Lancaster, J. Singleton, T. Sakakibara, Y. Kohama, J. van Tol, A. Ardavan, B. H. Williams, S. J. Blundell, Z. E. Manson, J. L. Manson, P. A. Goddard, Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 057207 (2019).

[57] Do Images of Biskyrmions Show Type-II Bubbles?, J. C. Loudon, A. C. Twitchett-Harrison, D. Cortes-Ortuno, M. T. Birch, L. A. Turnbull, A. Stefancic, F. Y. Ogrin, E. O. Burgos-Parra, N. Bukin, A. Laurenson, H. Popescu, M. Beg, O. Hovorka, H. Fangohr, P. A. Midgley, G. Balakrishnan, P. D. Hatton, Advanced Materials 31, 1806598 (2019).

[58] Low bandgap GaInAsSb thermophotovoltaic cells on GaAs substrate with advanced metamorphic buffer layer, Q. Lu, R. Beanland, D. Montesdeoca, P. J. Carrington, A. Marshall, A. Krier, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 191, 406 (2019).

[59] Light-Controlled Nanoscopic Writing of Electronic Memories Using the Tip-Enhanced Bulk Photovoltaic Effect, Z.-D. Luo, D.-S. Park, M.-M. Yang, M. Alexe, Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces 11, 8276 (2019).

[60] Flexible Memristors Based on Single-Crystalline Ferroelectric Tunnel Junctions, Z.-D. Luo, J. J. P. Peters, A. M. Sanchez, M. Alexe, Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces 11, 23313 (2019).

[61] Superconductivity and the upper critical field in the chiral noncentrosymmetric superconductor NbRh2B2, D. A. Mayoh, M. J. Pearce, K. Gotze, A. D. Hillier, G. Balakrishnan, M. R. Lees, J. Phys.-Condens. Mat. 31, 465601 (2019).

[62] Glass structure and crystallization in boro-alumino-silicate glasses containing rare earth and transition metal cations: a US-UK collaborative program, J. S. McCloy, J. Marcial, D. Patil, M. Saleh, M. Ahmadzadeh, H. Chen, J. V. Crum, B. J. Riley, H. Kamat, A. Brehault, A. Goel, K. E. Barnsley, J. V. Hanna, P. Rajbhandari, C. L. Corkhill, R. J. Hand, N. C. Hyatt, MRS Advances 4, 1029 (2019).

[63] Crystallization study of rare earth and molybdenum containing nuclear waste glass ceramics, J. S. McCloy, B. J. Riley, J. Crum, J. Marcial, J. T. Reiser, K. Kruska, J. A. Peterson, D. R. Neuville, D. S. Patil, M. Saleh, K. E. Barnsley, J. V. Hanna, Journal of the American Ceramic Society 102, 5149 (2019).

[64] Visualizing electrostatic gating effects in two-dimensional heterostructures, P. V. Nguyen, N. C. Teutsch, N. P. Wilson, J. Kahn, X. Xia, A. J. Graham, V. Kandyba, A. Giampietri, A. Barinov, G. C. Constantinescu, N. Yeung, N. D. M. Hine, X. Xu, D. H. Cobden, N. R. Wilson, Nature 572, 220 (2019).

[65] Electrospinning 3D bioactive glasses for wound healing, E. Norris, C. Ramos-Rivera, G. Poologasundarampillai, J. P. Clark, Q. Ju, A. Obata, J. V. Hanna, T. Kasuga, C. A. Mitchell, G. Jell, J. R. Jones, Biomedical Materials (Bristol, England) accepted manuscript, (2019).

[66] Probing the superconducting ground state of ZrIrSi: A muon spin rotation and relaxation study, K. Panda, A. Bhattacharyya, D. T. Adroja, N. Kase, P. K. Biswas, S. Saha, T. Das, M. R. Lees, A. D. Hillier, Phys. Rev. B 99, 174513 (2019).

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[68] Quantitative High-Dynamic-Range Electron Diffraction of Polar Nanodomains in Pb2ScTaO6, J. J. P. Peters, A. M. Sanchez, D. Walker, R. Whatmore, R. Beanland, Advanced Materials 31, 1806498 (2019).

[69] Direct observation of tunnelled intergrowth in SnO2/Ga2O3 complex nanowires, O. M. Rigby, A. V. Stamp, S. A. Hindmarsh, M. Alonso-Orts, E. Nogales, B. Mendez, A. M. Sanchez, Nanotechnology 30, 054004 (2019).

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[71] Work function of GaAs(hkl) and its modification using PEI: mechanisms and substrate dependence, S. D. Seddon, C. Benjamin, J. I. Bryant, C. W. Burrows, M. Walker, G. Matheson, J. Herranz, L. Geelhaar, G. R. Bell, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21, 24666 (2019).

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