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Dr Steven Huband

Research Interests

I investigate the piezoelectric and optical properties of ferroelectric materials and the structural origins of these. My current research involves lithium niobate (LN), lithium tantalate (LT) and sodium bismuth titanate (NBT) based materials. Structural measurements are made on a range of lab based XRD kits along with a range of measurements of the physical properties. For my PhD, I studied the zero-birefrigence point in LN and LT. This mainly consisted of birefringence measurements using the Metripol system and structural measurements using neutron and X-ray diffraction experiments.

Peak fitting

Developed a program for fitting peaks called pfit.


Write to:

Department of Physics, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL

Contact Details:

Office: MAS 3.09
44 (0)2476151782
44 (0)2476692016

E-mail: S dot Huband at warwick dot ac dot uk