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Laser Micromachining Systems

The laser machining facilities currently consists of two Oxford Lasers systems: 34 ns, 355 nm Nd:YAG (E-series) and 15 ns, 532 nm Nd:YAG (A-series), both fitted with high-resolution CNC stages. Jobs that require the use of these systems can be submitted using the online form located in the panel above. The maximum thickness which we are able to laser micromachine for metals is 400 ┬Ám. This is a limit Due to laser restrictions and thicker cuts are not possible. .

Due to Mareike Herrmann leaving the university, we can't accept any new submissions after the 1st of March 2019 for now. We will let you know, as soon we are able to accept submissions again.

Oxford Lasers A - Series


Oxford Lasers E - Series