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Anis Rahman

I am working as a Post Doctoral Research Associate (PDRA) with Asso. Prof. Gavin Morley and Prof. Peter Barker (UCL). The project that I am involved with is - "Nonclassicalities and Quantum Control at the Nanoscale". This project is jointly run by the University College London (P. Barker and S. Bose), the University of Warwick (G. Morley), Imperial College London (M. Kim) and the University of Southampton (H. Ulbricht). In this project, we are trying to create centre of mass superposition of a mesocopic (~100nm) diamond nanoparticle containing a Nitrogen Vacancy (NV-) centre.

Research Interests

Levitation of nanodiamonds to test the limits of quantum mechanics. More information is here.


See my Google Scholar page