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Magnetic X-ray Scattering Group

Research Interests

Our work is mainly focused on studies of magnetism, and in particular the study of magnetisation densities using x-ray and neutron scattering techniques. We make extensive use of large scale facilities (ISIS, ESRF, ILL, SPring-8). Our set up on beamline ID15 allows us experimental conditions of ± 9 T and variable temperatures to 1.3 K. These conditions allow us to study a huge range of materials in novel states. To expand our environmental conditions to study more varied phases we are currently working on increasing the working temperature of samples above room temperature, and also expand on previous work in incorporating high pressure techniques into our studies

With a variety of techniques used by the group, the range of systems studied is extensive. Much of our research is focused on rare-earth materials, materials with technological application (spintronics, magnetocaloric materials etc.), strongly correlated electrons systems (heavy fermion actinide systems, low dimensional systems) and also study of the magnetic properties of superconducting and related materials. We routinely use magnetic Compton scattering, which is the inelastic scattering of x-rays from spin polarised electrons to measure spin densities, and determine spin moments

Our other area of interest is the study of the phase behaviour of fluids confined in nanometre sized pores.

Recent and current EPSRC funded projects include:

1. Fermiology and spin densities from x-ray scattering. (EP/J003492/1)

2. Developing spin polarised measurements at the ESRF. (EP/F021518/1)

3. Implementing high-field magnetic Compton scattering on ID15 at the ESRF.

4. X-ray characterisation of highly polarised ferromagnetic pnictides. (EP/I00114X/1)

5. Development of high pressure methods for magnetic Compton scattering. (GR/S05267/01)