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Evan Parker

Research Interests

Novel silicon-based technologies



Professor Evan Parker set up the Nano-Silicon semiconductor group at Warwick, concerned with epitaxial growth of the Si-Ge-C semiconductor material system and associated physical and electrical characterization. This includes world-leading activity on Si-Ge strained structures grown by either CVD or solid source MBE, and on Ge layers (strained and unstrained) for futuristic microprocessors and optical devices. He has held leadership roles in several European Network of Excellence programmes. He chaired several international conferences and he managed EPSRC's SiGe Hetero-MOS Programme involving a consortium of nine universities. He continues to study high performance silicon cold electron bolometers (CEB) for application in bio-medical, security and quantum technology fields.

Evan raised £30M grant income, has >200 publications and patents including 2 books, and previously - a winner of the AVS prize and spent a year working with Nobel Laureate Leo Esaki.

He has a strong interest in climate change and co-founded - and was Chairman - of a spin-out company based in Warwick Science Park, attracting over £18M investment to develop leading-edge solar cell technologies. He also co-founded Q-Eye Sensors Ltd to produce strained silicon CEB quantum sensor technologies. He is currently advising a nano-science company including the spin-out of a company involved in hyperpolarized gas-enhanced MRI imaging of the lung and brain.

He has major on-going activity on evolving a new political philosophy and on education reform.

Write to:

Department of Physics, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL

Contact Details:

Office: P440
+44 (0)2476150356