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Upcoming Events

This page contains a brief overview of upcoming seminars, guest lectures and colloquia that are either relevant to my PhD or of general interest.

You can expect to find me at most, if not all, of the events listed below. This has more to do with the free tea & biscuits than my dedication to my subject.

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When: -

Where: PS0.17

Speaker: Dr Chris Hooley - MPI-PKS Dresden - Joint CMP and Theory Group seminar
Title: Frustration and spin liquid physics in Ca10Cr7O28 (click here for abstractLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window)

When: -

Where: P5.23

Speaker: Prof. KS WongLink opens in a new window - Department of Physics, Hong-Kong University of Science and Technology.

Title: Hot-carrier cooling and relaxation processes in perovskites and semiconductor quantum dots

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