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Opportunities for PhD Study

There are a limited number of PhD places available, most of which are linked to current research projects and start in October of a given year. Application procedures and further details can be found on the departmental postgraduate pages. Suitably qualified students with independent sources of funding can apply at any time and we will discuss possible research projects leading to either a PhD or a one year MSc.

The typical postgraduate student project will involve training in a wide variety of techniques from design and growth of semiconductor layer structures, through assessment of physical and electrical characteristics, to final device measurement. At each stage there will be opportunities to undertake simulation and modelling of the results and to predict expected performance. At the end of their project students should expect to be experts in several techniques, such as epitaxial growth, electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, electrical measurements over a wide temperature range down to the milikelvin regime, in magnetic fields and from d.c. to high frequencies, device modelling, semiconductor processing, physics of nanostructures ... As such, past graduates from the Group have been highly employable and gone on to work in academia, industry (some extremely well paid!) and commerce.

Details of current opportunities in the group, and application procedures, can be found on the departmental postgraduate pages.