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Publications classified by year of publication

All the Group's publications are listed on the pages accessible via the links below. Please take a look at our work.

Publications classified by subject

Here our publications are subdivided into work on Superconductors including non-centrosymmetric, oxide, and chalcogenide systems, and our work on Magnetic Systems, including low-dimensional and frustrated magnetic materials, as well as Topological Insulators.

We also list the publications resulting from the last three year funding period of our EPSRC grant Single Crystal Growth at Warwick 2015 - 2018 and provide a list of collaborators.

To date, the Group has published over 690 publications collecting 15000+ citations and has an h-index of 58.

Recent work and paper highlights

Most of our published work can be found on the arXiv or the Warwick Research Archive Protal (WRAP), while our recent papers published in high impact journals (those with an Impact Factor higher than Physical Review Letters) are listed on the front page of our Group web pages.

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Useful Links

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Search for published work using the Web of Science. Click here to access the WoS.


You can find details of all our EPSRC funded work, past and present, in the Grants on the Web section of the EPSRC website. Click here to access the EPSRC homepage.