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Research Projects

Students in the Superconductivity and Magnetism Group

There are currently 6 PhD students working towards higher degrees in the Superconductivity and Magnetism Group. Three MSc students, one MPhil, and 29 PhD students have graduated from the Group since 1995.

Our students are encouraged to take part in all aspects of work in the group. This includes sample preparation, measurements in the laboratory, and work at central facilities including neutron scattering, muon spectroscopy, and studies under high magnetic fields. This has the advantage of:

a) offering you, the student, the widest possible experience of research work.

b) gives you a good chance to discover what kind of work you are good at and enjoy the most.

In the second and third year, in consultation with your supervisor and other permanent members of the Group, students develop and refine their research programme. Most students are encouraged to work on two or three strands of research simultaneously. This means:

a) you will always have something to do.

b) inevitably some projects will produce more interesting results than others. Successful strands of research can be pursued while less promising avenues of research may be discontinued.

This will ensure that half way through your final year you will, with hard work, have enough new and original material to write up your thesis. You will also have gained valuable experience in a several different areas of experimental solid state physics. This will leave you well placed for the next step in your career.

What kind of research projects do we offer?

Details of the kind of research work we are involved in are given in the Research section of this web site. It is not the usual policy of the Group to write down prescriptive research project outlines. New students are encouraged to discuss the kind of work they are interested in with their supervisor, (one of the permanent academic members of staff). Working together you will develop an informal research plan, covering at least the first year of the PhD work.

How can I find out even more about the kind of work I will be doing?

In order to get a better understanding of the kind of projects we can offer, as well as looking carefully at the list of projects proposed by academic supervisors in the group, why not take a look at a few of the pages on this site that describe the work of some of our current and former research students.

Current and Former PhD and MSc student

George Wood: Second Year PhD student. (Supervisor: Geetha Balakrishnan) 

Shroya Vaidya: Second Year PhD student. (Supervisor: Paul Goddard)

Manisha Islam: Second Year PhD student. (Supervisor: Oleg Petrenko)

David Jonas: Third Year PhD student. (Supervisor: Martin Lees)

Amelia Hall Final Year PhD student. (Supervisor: Geetha Balakrishnan)

Beth Hampshire: Final Year PhD student. (Supervisors: Don Paul and Adrian Hiller [ISIS-RAL, STFC]).

Dr Sam Curley: 2017 - 2021. (Supervisor: Paul Goddard)

Dr Matthew Pearce: 2017 - 2021. (Supervisor: Paul Goddard)

Dr Sam Holt: 2017 - 2021. (Supervisor: Geetha Balakrishnan)

Dr Marta Crisanti: 2017 - 2021. (Supervisors: Robert Cubitt [ILL, Grenoble] and Don Paul)

Dr Daniel Mayoh: 2015 - 2019. (Supervisor: Martin Lees)

Dr Simon Riberolles: 2015 - 2019. (Supervisors: Oleg Petrenko and Navid Qureshi [ILL, Grenoble])

Dr Will Blackmore: 2014 - 2018. (Supervisor: Paul Goddard)

Dr Jamie Brambleby: 2014 - 2018. (Supervisor: Paul Goddard)

Dr Daniel Brunt: 2013 - 2017. (Supervisor: Oleg Petrenko)

Panayiota Argyrou: 2016 - 2017. M.Sc. student. (Supervisors: Martin Lees and Geetha Balakrishnan)

Dr Joel Barker: 2012 - 2017. (Supervisors: Don Paul and Adrian Hillier [ISIS-RAL, STFC])

Dr Mohammed Saghir: 2012 - 2016. (Supervisor: Geetha Balakrishnan)

Dr Robert Cook: 2010 - 2014. (Supervisor: Martin Lees)

Dr Natalia Parzyk: 2010 - 2014. (Supervisor: Don Paul)

Dr Michael Smidman: 2010 - 2014. (Supervisor: Geetha Balakrishnan)

Dr Olga Young: 2009 - 2013. (Supervisor: Oleg Petrenko)

Thomas Hayes: 2008 - 2013 M.Phil. student (Supervisor: Oleg Petrenko)

Hailey Williamson: 2012 - 2013 M.Sc. student. (Supervisor: Geetha Balakrishnan)

Dr Pabitra Kumar Biswas: 2008 - 2012. (Supervisors: Martin Lees and Don Paul)

Ruth McKinnon: 2010 - 2011 M.Sc. student. (Supervisor: Geetha Balakrishnan)

Dr Catherine Fleck: 2007 - 2011 (Supervisor: Martin Lees)

Dr Daniel O' Flynn: 2006 - 2010. (Supervisor: Geetha Balakrishnan)

Dr Nicola Wilson: 2004 - 2007. (Supervisor: Oleg Petrenko)

Dr Jenny Wooldridge: 2003 - 2006. (Supervisor: Martin Lees)

Dr Sonya Crowe: 2002 - 2005. (Supervisor: Don Paul)

Dr Simon Levett: 1999 - 2003 Warwick/ILL Ph.D. student. (Supervisor: Don Paul)

Dr Nicky Bancroft: 1998 - 2002. (Supervisor: Don Paul)

Dr Emma Chung: 1998 - 2002. (Supervisor: Don Paul)

Dr Alistair J. Campbell: 1996 - 1999. (Supervisor: Don Paul)

Dr Suzy Coad: 1994 - 1997. (Supervisor: Don Paul)

Dr John M. Martin: 1993 - 1997. (Supervisors: Don Paul and Martin Lees)

Prof. Lieh Jeng Chang: 1993 - 1997. (Supervisor: Don Paul)

Prof. Jason S. Gardner: 1992 - 1994. (Supervisor: Don Paul)

A PhD in the Superconductivity and Magnetism Group

Thinking of studying for a PhD?

Positions for PhD students are available every year for students wishing to start in October. Most of these are funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and are thus only able to provide full support for EU citizens.

Details of the work being carried out by our current PhD students are given on this page.

Here we list the PhD projects available in our Group and more widely in the Physics Department at Warwick.


Some useful links


Details of EPSRC studentships