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Background Information

Data Analysis Software

CasaXPS Instructional Videos

Introduction to XPS XPSPeak (and manual) Browsing Data
Introduction to ARPES CasaXPS (and manual) Merging Files & Overlaying Data
NIST XPS Database eXPFit for Microsoft Excel Display Options
LaSurface  Spectral Data Processor Peak Identification
UK Surface Analysis Forum FitXPS Energy Calibration
Video - Introduction to XPS Macros for Analysis with Igor Pro Creation of Quantification Regions
Video - Introduction to XPS Data Analysis Inelastic Mean Free Path Calculator Survey Quantification
XPS Wikipedia Article   Creating a Basic Model
UPS Wikipedia Article   Adding Constraints to a Peak Model
ARPES Wikipedia Article   More Videos
XPS Handbook (Sign in first)    
Binding energy lookup table    
Thermo XPS Knowledgebase    
XPS - A Problem in Charge Referencing    
C 1s reference chart    
Notes on spectrometer calibration    


Research Groups - Warwick Physics

Research Groups - Warwick Chemistry

Research Groups - Other

Surface, Interface & Thin Films Tim Jones group Lynne Macaskie (Biosciences, UoB)
Microscopy Giovanni Costantini group Zhibing Zhang (Chem Eng, UoB)
Nano-silicon Julie MacPherson group Isaac Chang (Metallurgy & Materials, UoB)
Superconductivity & Magnetism Alison Rodger group Michael Hannon (Chemistry, UoB)
Diamond Andrew Marsh group Zoe Pikramenou (Chemistry, UoB)
  Ross Hatton group Sandvik Hard Materials

Research Groups - Warwick WMG/Eng

Matthew Gibson group MAHLE Engine Systems
Phil Mawby John Rourke group Pro Test Panels 
Greg Gibbons   Intrinsiq Materials
    David Payne (Imperial College)