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Equipment and capabilities

In MAS 3.18:

Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy:

  • 0.1-4.5THz bandwidth.
  • transmission and reflection spectroscopy capabilities.
  • low sample temperatures (helium or nitrogen cryostats).
  • polarisation resolved capability.
  • based on photoconductive generation of THz radiation pulses using interdigitated emitters, and electro-optic sampling.

THz time-domain pulseElectric field amplitude


  • Femtolasers Scientific XL 650 laser; 40fs; 650nJ/pulse at 800nm; 4MHz repetition rate
  • Mai Tai BB laser; 70fs; 12nJ/pulse; tunable from 710nm to 990nm; 80MHz repetition rate
  • Oxford Instruments cryostats: two helium flow cryostats; one nitrogen bath cryostat.
  • Lock-in amplifiers (Stanford SR830; Signal Recovery 7230)
  • High voltage amplifiers
  • Keithley source-measurement units for electrical characterisation
  • Newport and Thor Labs motorised stages and stage controllers
  • USB spectrometer [200nm to 1000nm], halogen lamp, deuterium lamp
  • Assorted photodiodes, electro-optic crystals, second-harmonic generation crystals, optomechanics, etc...

In MAS 2.11:

Optical pump, terahertz probe spectroscopy:

  • Photoconductivity measurements on sub-picosecond to nanosecond times
  • UV (>290nm), visible and IR (<9um) excitation options via a TOPAS with NIRUVis and NDFG options [alternative wavelengths further into the UV or IR optionally available, see WCUS pages].
  • Nitrogen or vacuum (<10-4mbar) environment
  • 0.1-4.5THz bandwidth (with 200um GaP detection crystal) or 0.1-3.0THz bandwidth (with 2mm ZnTe detection crystal). 2mm GaP emitter crystal.
13mJ, 40fs Spectra Physics Spitfire Ace and TOPAS light converters
Optical-pump, THz probe spectrometer
In Physics 423:

Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy (transmission & reflection) & imaging (reflection):

  • Teraview Terapulse 4000 commercial THz-TDS system
  • Transmission accessory
  • Reflectance mapping/imaging accessory
  • Remote heads

Teraview THz-TDS system