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Ziou He

My name is Ziou He (赫子欧), and I am a first year PhD student in particle physics. I completed my
undergraduate studies at Emmanuel College, Cambridge between 2018 and 2022. For my Part III
project, I developed a model for the distribution of electrons along the Earth's magnetic field
lines. I have also worked as a summer student at DESY in 2021. My PhD project will be with
JUNO, the next-generation neutrino experiment in China.

Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory (JUNO) in China is an underground experiment
under construction and is planned to take data from 2024. It is set to understand neutrino mass
with the potential to discover the mass ordering. I will be focusing on the analysis of GeV atmospheric
neutrinos ,carrying out model calculations and implementations in the event generator.

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Office: P450


Department of Physics

University of Warwick


Supervisor: Xianguo LuLink opens in a new window