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Wonjong Chang

I am Wonjong Chang, a first year PhD student of Warwick. I did my masters at The University of Edinburgh and my masters was about tau lepton tagging with machine learning at ATLAS, LHC. My PhD studentship is joint with RAL(Rutherford Appleton Laboratory). I am with the neutrino group within the EPP. I will be participating in the project called nuStorm which is a device still being planned. If made it will produce a very high quality neutrino beam that could be a major breakthrough in neutrino studies.


My research will be about neutrinos, more specifically about planning a device called nuStrom(Neutrinos from Stored Muons). Neutrinos are the most mysterious elementary particles within the standard model. They have extremely low interaction cross sections so with conventional detectors it is almost impossible to detect them and particle physicists had to build specialised detectors for neutrinos to detect them and even with these devices we don't even have a precise cross section measurement of neutrino interactions. This is why we are planning nuStorm.
With nuStorm we can produce a very well defined neutrino beam with better than 1% flux precision and energy range of 300MeV to 5.5GeV from stored muons in a ring hence the name neutrinos from stored muons. From nuStorm we expect to get a very high precision measurement of neutrino cross section, provide a probe for nuclear dynamics that is sensitive to isospin, search for sterile neutrinos with sensitivity beyond current generation experiments, and also it will be an important test for next generation high energy muon accelerators.


L. Alvarez Ruso, T. Alves, S. Boyd, A. Bross, P. R. Hobson, P. Kyberd, J. B. Lagrange, K. Long, X. G. Lu, J. Pasternak, M. Pfaff, and C. Rogers. Neutrinos from stored muons (nustorm)., 2022.



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Department of Physics


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