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Warwick Labs

Our labs boast an extensive suite of ultra-high vacuum (UHV) apparatus combining thin film growth, deposition and analysis. Other non-UHV facilities include spin-coating and other surface preparation facilities, a Kelvin Probe, and I-V and Hall measurement. We host the Photoemission Facility which has both VG Scienta R4000 (ARPES) and Omicron 7-channel 125mm analysers (XPS/UPS), LEED and in situ clean deposition. The two main MBE systems are in situ growth / analysis machines (so the sample can be grown by MBE and analysed without leaving UHV).

The following vacuum systems are installed or being designed; note the "M"-based naming convention whose origin is lost in the mists of time!

  • MADGEneto: home-built twin-chamber MBE system with RHEED and room temperature STM. Presently fitted with cells for Mn, Sb, Ga, Sr. Beam flux ion gauge and 50 amu mass spectrometer.
  • Morbius: custom-designed twin-chamber MBE system for RHEED, LEED, XPS, UPS, AES, IPES and quantum yield measurement. Chamber 3D design and fabrication by Moorfield Nanotechnology. Presently fitted with sources for: In, As, Sb (x2), Bi, Ta, Mg, H*, Ar+. Beam flux ion gauge and 50 amu mass spectrometer.
  • Matilda: small portable high vacuum chamber for testing, mass spectrometry and "pumping cart" work.
  • Mercutio: small twin-chamber deposition system for photocathodes, including Zn and Mg oxide film growth and ZnSb thermoelectric films. Argon ion sputtering for substrate surface preparation.
  • Moneypenny: a commercial high vacuum thin film deposition system with four-pocket thermal boat evaporator, 100mm rotating sample stage (600°C capability), total flux monitor and individual evaporator flux monitors.
  • Mini-Me: a home-built PVD chamber for testing effusion cells, etc. Flux monitor, Penning gauge, 200 amu mass spectrometer and ion gauge with top window for direct cell monitoring and IR pyrometry.
  • Marvin: a home-built mini PVD chamber with in vacuo quantum yield measurements, fixed 265 nm (UV LED), biased collector electrode and Keithley picoammeter.

Other equipment:

  • UHV vacuum suitcase (ion pumped, 1 sample) for sample transfer between MBE chambers and to the Omicron XPS-UPS-ARPES chamber of the Photoemission RTP.
  • Kelvin Probe system (from KP Technology) for work function measurements under nitrogen/ambient and dark/illumination (selection of visible and UV LEDs); in a Faraday cage.
  • Hall measurement system (fixed conditions: room temperature or 77K, 0.55 T).
  • Four point probe for sheet resistance measurements from Ossila.
  • Nitrogen glove box and laminar flow cabinet for surface preparation.
  • Vacuum cupboard for sample storage.
  • Spin Coater and UV Ozone Cleaner from Ossila.
  • Plasma asher with air as the process gas.
  • Temperature-programmable oven and tube furnace (both in air).