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Scientific Conferences and Talks

Some recent invited talks and seminars

SPEM 2014, Diamond Light Source, UK

MBE 2016, Montpellier, France

SemiconNano 2019, Kobe, Japan

E-MRS Symposium

I co-organised a symposium for E-MRS 2018 on the topic of Epitaxial integration of dissimilar materials: challenges and fundamentals. We had around 60 presentations at the symposium covering a range of topics including III-V materials grown on group IV substrates, 2D materials interfaced with 3D materials and organic/inorganic interfaces. My presentations were on the theory of graphene growth on dynamic copper substrates and a new "hybrid" epitaxial growth mode.


This international conference series has now run for 7 meetings, with a 2021 workshop planned for Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. I co-developed the first two meetings.

Physics Days

The department jointly supports focused one-day meetings on different topics in physics, under the "Physics Day" banner. These have been very successful and so far I have been involved with: AMIGO (Atomic and molecular interactions on graphene and graphene oxide), Modelling thin film and monolayer growth on solid substrates (link) and the largest Physics Day to date, Science, Maths and Music.

Royal Microscopical Society meetings

I co-organised a symposium at the Royal Microscopical Society's flagship meeting mmc2014 in Manchester, on the topic of Functional and nano-structured materials. At the MICROSCIENCE2010 meeting, run by the Royal Microscopical Society, I co-organised a session on imaging techniques using synchrotron radiation with Dr. Christoph Rau at the Diamond Light Source. I co-organised the UK SPM meeting in 2005 at Warwick with Prof. Julie Macpherson.