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Source holder code for Alex (zip file)

ND280 Review document for Lee (gzipped)

Nufact 08 WG2 spreadsheetDavid Adey's MICE thesis

Nucleon Scattering Experimental Data for NIWG

Christmas Talk 2011

Neutral Current Elastic Thesis from SciBoone


David Adey's MICE thesis

PX434 Introductory Lecture

Around Warwick

Alvarez-Ruso microscopic model GENIE cross section splines

GENIE microscopic talk : 221113

MICE CM46 Ops talk

Eddy Larkin's thesis



  • Summary of DAQ systems
    • TPC (Patrick/Jen)
    • TOF (Alexander)
  • Synchronising TOF and TPC data
    • What input does each DAQ require?
    • CERN spill signal is a TTL pulse with a user configurable delay ( BeamControl.pdf)
    • Can we network TOF and TPC machines into a common local network? What OS are each DAQ machine using?
  • Slow control and monitoring
  • Output data
    • Data-taking mode : runs of fixed time period, or individual spills?
    • How do individual spills get timestamped within the output structure?
    • What format is the timestamp? Local unix time? Asynchronous run/spill identifiers?
    • How do we correlate the outputs of the two detectors (i.e. suppose I have a particular TPC image. How do I findthe right TOF information?
  • What is the dataflow from DAQ to Analysis?
    • What stages of pre-processing of the raw data will be needed and where will this processing happen (and by whom)?
  • Hardware requirements for the testbeam
    • What equipment will each system send to CERN
    • What does each system need in terms of ancillary systems such as network, common storage, processing space,...
    • Where is the data (both TOF and TPC) stored in the long-term?

TOF DAQ Summary (Alexander)

PX435 Lecture Scans - 2018

Warwick Analysis Meeting Introduction : May 2018