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An indico site has been developed for Warwick Week. This outlines the timetable and provide a way to post the talks and to link to the video recording. The site can be accessed at

Warwick Week 2022 Indico

Note that the indico site is hosted by CERN. To access it you will need a CERN account. If you don't have one, don't worry - CERN has a facility to make a lightweight account which allows external users who do not have a regular CERN account to get access to certain CERN applications that are open to external users. You will need to make one of these accounts before accessing the indico site

Instructions to do this can be found at

under "Lightweight Accounts"

Blackboard Collaborate

The presentations will be given using a platform that is supported by the University of Warwick. The platform is Blackboard Collaborate, and the link to the webinar ( a truly horrifying word, by the way) can be found on the indico site front page.

There are two links; one for each week of the school (note - these have not yet been confirmed)

The session will open on Monday 17th May at 10:00. It would be helpful if people could log in 15 minutes or so earlier than the lecture start time. I've noticed that it takes a little time for the system to allow you access, and an early log in will allow us to start on time.

Please note that we will be recording the lectures. If you have concerns about this, please get in touch with me.

Slack workspace

To facilitate questions and to provide you with something to use for feedback we will also use a Slack workspace. The invitation link to this workspace is

Invitation to Warwick Week 2021 Slack workspace

If you can't create an account for this workspace using this link, please email me and I will send a targeted invitation.

The workspace has channels for each lecture series, as well as channel for general comments and suggestions.I would like you to use this space for questions which we can't answer directly in the lecture, or which occur to you at some other time during the week. Since this way of doing summer schools is rather new to all of us, I also hope you can leave suggestions on how we can do things better - please use the #general channel for suggestions and general questions. There is a facility for making anonymous suggestions in this space (simply prefix your comments with the tag /anonymous - which will anonymise your comments) but I hope you would not feel the pressure to use this. Any constructive suggestions are helpful.

Feedback form

The only way this school can get better at what it does, and meet your needs the best is if we get feedback from you. Every year we generally hand out feedback forms at the end of the school. Of course we can't do that this year, so we are using a google form for feedback. The link to this is

Feedback form

I really encourage you to use this, as we do read them and do change how we do things based on your comments.