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Prof. Paul Harrison

Research Interests

I lead the Warwick Elementary Particle Physics Group. An introduction to this field for the lay person can be found at The Particle Adventure.

My research interests include the physics of neutrinos (neutrino mass, leptonic mixing and neutrino oscillations). As part of my research into these areas, I am a member of the COBRA and T2K experimental collaborations.

I have also published a number of papers on neutrino phenomenology.

I am involved in the study of the delicate asymmetry between matter and anti-matter known as CP Violation. In this context, I have been a member of the BaBar experimental collaboration since 1994.

I also have interests in particle accelerator physics, in particular, the design of a so-called neutrino factory.

A list of my recent talks.

Undergraduate Teaching

I teach a first year course entitled An Introduction to Particle Physics (PX147).
I also teach some aspects of the second year Physics Skills Course (PX271), in particular, some lectures on experimental uncertainies (errors).
I have several third and fourth year project groups.

Postgraduate Teaching

I teach a graduate lecture course entitled Symmetries and Conservation Laws and I give tutorials to first-year PhD students.

Write to:

Department of Physics, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL

Contact Details:

Office: P543
+44 (0)2476572942
+44 (0)2476692016