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Members of Group

Aidan Horne

Aidan Horne

I am working on using 4D-STEM to retrieve magnetic features of electron diffraction data and will later combine this with tilt tomography to map magnetism in 3D.


Yu Lei

For my PhD I am combining AI-enhanced ptychography with single-particle analysis, to potentially reveal and examine the 3D structures of the small molecules in near-atomic resolution.


Natalie Nord

She is working on using defocussed probe electron ptychography to image large areas of biological samples at dose-limited resolution. Her efforts include developing new methods for improving data-acquisition and the development of novel reconstruction algorithms, with a focus on targeting high-performance compute clusters.

Sean Wu

Master Research Student


Wei Mao

Visiting PhD Student


Liqi Zhou

Visiting Scientist

Former students:

2019-2022 Futao Zhang, Yuelei Zhu, Yiming, Wu

2018-2021 Weiyang Zhang

2017-2022 Yifan Wei

2017-2020 Zhiyuan Ding

2017-2020 Zhen Han

2017-2020 Yuzhang Feng

2016-2019 Biying Song

2016-2019 Jiamei Song

2016-2019 Min Gu

2015-2018 Mian Zhang

2015-2018 Sheng Xu

2014-2017 Zhoushen Yuan

2014-2017 Chenyi Gu

2013-2016 Dianxiang Ji

2012-2015 Qian Xu

2011-2013 Si Gao