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Dr. Vasily Kantsler

I joined the Department in June 2013 as an Assistant Professor in Soft Matter and Biological Fluid Dynamics. Prior to this I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Cambridge. My area of interest is experimental investigation of physical phenomena in biological systems. In the past it has been dynamics of fluid vesicles and semi-flexible biopolymers in external flows, mixing in suspensions of green algae, motility and surface interactions of swimming cells. I mostly use microfluidics and optical microscopy techniques in my research.

Most recently I have been working on motility and transport control in suspensions of swimming cells like bacteria or spermatozoa through micro-structured surfaces and external flows. This research aims to provide new concepts in design of anti-biofouling surfaces and new methods for artificial insemination.





Office 551, Physics Building

Phone : +44 (024) 765 73947