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Dr. John Back

Senior Research Fellow with a range of research interests:
Flavour physics and CP violation with the LHCb experiment
  • Maintenance of the EvtGen software that is used to generate simulation samples of B decays for understanding the experimental data
  • Dalitz plot analysis of charmless three-body decays; original co-author of the Laura++ Dalitz plot fitting software
  • Thermal modelling work for the Vertex Locator upgrade effort using COMSOL

Accelerator and neutrino physics
  • Front End Test Stand: test beam facility being constructed at Rutherford Lab to research the technologies for future high brightness/intensity proton accelerators; design, simulation and commissioning of the three-solenoid low energy beam transport focusing system
  • DUNE targetry: proton beam and target simulation work optimising the muon neutrino flux using the Geant4 and Fluka software packages
  • Hidden sector physics with SHiP: muon shield simulation magnetic fields and targetry studies

Previous research


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Department of Physics, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL

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