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Primary School Resources

The Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine offers a variety of resources for Primary Schools, including resources for teachers, parents, and children of a variety of ages.

Topic in a Box

The University of Warwick's Outreach Team have designed several lesson plans for use in Primary Schools. Subjects currently on offer Engineering and Life Sciences (Biology), with more titles coming soon in both STEM subjects and others. Visit the Topic in a Box (Primary) webpage to find out more.

Subject-Specific Resources

Warwick also has pages dedicated to providing teachers and parents with resources to get children interested in STEM subjects and university more generally. These online resources include talks, videos and other interactive media. If you are also interested in non-STEM subjects, please go to the Online Educational Resources for School Children page to find a complete list of resources.

Fun Maths and Science activities (suitable for age 9-11)

Our Community Engagement pages have a wide variety of activities using Maths and Science. Ever wondered how long would the line of toothpaste be if you squeezed all of the toothpaste out of a new tube in one go? See if you can find the answer. For more puzzles and games, please visit the Community Engagement pages.

Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) Online Resources

WMG Outreach have resources which are available online for students, families and virtual classrooms to take part in. Videos, tutorials, experiments and lessons, all ready for people to try at home. From at-home experiments to introducing computer programming with TurtleStitch, there is something to suit all interests and ages. If you would like something more specific, please fill out the WMG Public Engagement Form.

Chemistry Primary School Experiments

Our Chemistry department have produced a series of experiments for Primary School teachers, including videos and instructions on a variety of topics, including creating a lava lamp and making invisible ink. Details and more ideas can be found on the Primary Schools Experiments webpages.

Warwick Bright Stars

The Warwick Bright Stars programme aims to help schools inspire the scientists, artists and teachers of tomorrow as well as provide teachers with the hook that will spark their pupils’ curiosity, giving them confidence to explore new subjects, interests, and discuss their ideas. The Bright Stars programme offers in-school modules and campus visits led by our friendly Warwick students.