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TurtleStitch is freely available software that enables the generation and stitching of patterns using a digital embroidery machine. It gives programmatic control of the machine, enabling a wide range of patterns to be designed and stitched onto fabric. It was developed by Andrea Mayr-Stalder, and runs in a browser window.

Koch StarTurtleStitch is used in WMG for outreach activities, as a means of raising awareness of the breadth of engineering. The WMG Outreach team has created a number of resource cards to support its use. These cards introduce a set of useful skills, outline some potential projects and suggest some concepts to explore further.

1) Basic Skill Cards

Getting started

Creating patterns with shapes and rotation

Creating your own block

Stitching a shape in different sizes

Creating a star and other shapes

Creating your own variable

Turtlestitch Example2) Project Cards


Finger Puppet

Key Fob

Light/Lamp Panel

3) Investigation Cards

Recursion and creating a binary tree