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Opportunities for schools

Opportunities for Schools

Book a session with us

Please email ( ) with any questions or visit our Resource pagesLink opens in a new window for details of free engineering and science activities that could be used by teachers or parents.

Our activities

Widening Participation

Our work prioritises widening participation in STEM subjects and in Higher Education. Warwick's widening participation agenda targets local state school educated students, students who would be the first in their family to attend university, students from low socio-economic backgrounds and students who come from neighbourhoods where there is low progression to higher education.

Activities teachers can run themselves

We have video resources and accompanying activities available through our website. These might be useful where our team cannot visit your school to support in person. You can see our lesson plans here, our recorded short lectures from WMG Talks here, and the rest of our online resources here.

Bookable activities

These activities are offered to schools without charge subject to staff availability. Follow the links below to get more information about each activity; there is a link on the activity page where you can register your interest. For general enquiries about WMG schools outreach, please email

Talks about engineering

We offer talks on the subject of engineering, careers, and university study. These are tailored to different year groups:

A pathway from primary student to engineer

We have suggested year groups for each of the activities listed below. We believe that these activities, together, form a pathway to help students progress from raising awareness of engineering through to developing the skills needed to succeed in STEM careers. There is leeway on the exact year group we can deliver to, get in touch.

Recommended year group
Audience size
Seeing Science, Enjoying Engineering A science show with audience participation showing tricks and experiments that can be done with science and engineering. 4 Interactive talk 30-100
What is Engineering?
An overview talk on what engineering actually is, where you might find it, and what it means to your local community. 5 Class or whole-year talk 30-100
Creative programming and control: embroidery machines
Create beautiful patterns from code. Learn about software and how it can control a digital embroidery machine to stitch students' patterns right in front of them. 6 Class workshop 30
Illuminating engineering Control lights on a programmable board to understand how code and computers interact. Explore what this simple introduction to software and control could mean for careers in engineering. 7 Class workshop 30
Light Towers Learn how teams of engineers have to work together to create a product. This is a simple construction task with a twist that focuses on teamwork and the engineering process. 8 Class or whole-year workshop 30-100
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger A talk on materials science linked to the curriculum and engineering research applications in our department (WMG at the University of Warwick). 9 Class talk 30
Smart Cities: Programmable Technology Use programmable boards (microbit) to control vehicles, traffic lights, and plenty of other things to make a smart city that shares data and interacts with your classmates' creations. 10 Class workshop 30
How can I become an Engineer? Engineering at University A talk about careers, university options and courses related to Engineering. This could be adapted to any year group. 11 Class or whole-year talk 30-100
Online teacher CPD: using Turtlestitch to teach key stage 2 computing and maths An online webinar with our outreach team exploring the Turtlestitch platform and how it can be used in the classroom to teach functional maths and computing. Teachers Webinar -
Online teacher CPD: using TinkerCAD to teach KS2 and KS3 Design and TechnologyLink opens in a new window An online webinar with our outreach team exploring the TinkerCAD platform and how it can be used to teach computer-aided design. Teachers Webinar -

Other activities:

Where opportunities arise on an ad hoc basis such as attending a student conference at Warwick, or our projects that recruit students directly, we will advertise them here.

  Audience Date

Annual Programmes

Royal Institution Engineering Masterclasses Year 9 students from widening participation backgrounds. Local schools will be contacted to nominate students for these workshops. Applications are now closed