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The Bastille Escape Box is a set of activities designed for Year 5 or Year 6 children to learn about the French Revolution. This box can be used at school or at home with the help of a supporting adult. Children will learn some French vocabulary (although no French is required to be able to do the activities), how and why the people stormed the Bastille and know more about the characters involved in these events.

This box is designed to spark your Year 5 and 6 pupils' interests for STEM subjects in a fun and challenging way. Over an hour-long session, they will try to solve puzzles in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths including topics such as electricity and space whilst discovering more about famous women scientists. Your pupils will also use key skills such as problem solving, and understanding and analysing data to support their transition to secondary school.

The Film-in-a-Box resource is a set of sessions ready for teachers to use to introduce the idea of Higher Education. Pupils will also work on key literacy skills of inference and critical thinking, as well as metacognitive skills such as resilience and independence.

Our academics and students have compiled a set of short films with lesson plans ready to explore themes around transition and the importance of education. The sessions have been created to support the English curriculum and your pupils' transition to secondary school.