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APTS Module Resources, 2008-2009

Each APTS module has associated to it three types of resource: preliminary material, lecture material, and assessment material. Material for each module will be made available below at an appropriate time.

Preliminary material

1. Preliminary material specific to each module

Associated with each APTS module will be some preliminary web-based material. This will be provided by module leaders to help students get up to speed with any prerequisite material. More details can be found in the APTS module specifications(PDF Document).
Please note the following:

  • The web-based material will be made available on-line four weeks before the start of the relevant APTS week:
  • you can keep track of this using the key dates page
    • registered students will also be emailed when new material is made available
    • A number of the modules will involve computer lab sessions, and a working knowledge of the use of R will be assumed for these. See the note above about preparation in R.

 You are expected to spend up to one week per module working through the preliminary material
- please do this, since otherwise you are likely to be unprepared for the module lectures

2. R Programming for APTS Students

Several of the modules --- in particular the modules Statistical Computing, Statistical Modelling and Computer Intensive Statistics --- will make use of the R statistical computing environment. Students who are either unfamiliar with or not confident in the use of R should work through R Programming for APTS Students, a web course in R kindly provided by University of Oxford, Department of Statistics. Reaching at least this level of familiarity with R is essential preparation for these modules.

Lecture material

Each module leader will provide some material (such as slides from lectures, or a summary of the course) following the APTS week in which their module is delivered. This should provide pointers to sources and resources for future work.

Assessment material

Following each APTS week, you may be asked to undertake a form of light assessment. This will be provided by the APTS module leader, but will be marked by somebody in your department. The assessment tasks provide the opportunity for your department to fit APTS training into its own framework for monitoring student progress, as well as providing useful feedback for future development of APTS modules. Hopefully the assessment should not take too long, and will enhance both your interest in the area of the module and your ability to find out more for yourself.

Module Resources: Download

The various materials mentioned above will appear here during the APTS year.

APTS week Module title
Module leader
Preliminary material Lecture material Assessment material
1 (Warwick) Statistical Computing S N Wood

Notes: (PDF Document)
Solutions (R): (Text file)

Notes: (PDF Document)
Figures in notes: (Text file)
Lab Problems: (PDF Document)
Lab Solutions: (Text file)
(PDF Document)
1 (Warwick) Statistical Inference
D R Cox
D Firth
Notes: (PDF Document) Notes: (PDF Document) (PDF Document)
2 (Southampton) Statistical Modelling A C Davison
J J Forster
Notes: (PDF Document)

Notes: (PDF Document)
Extra slide (slide 115a): (PDF Document)
Bibliography: (PDF Document)
Practicals: (Text file)

(PDF Document)
2 (Southampton) Statistical Asymptotics
G A Young
Notes: (PDF Document)

Notes: (PDF Document)
Exercises: (PDF Document)
Solutions: (PDF Document)

(PDF Document)
3 (Bath) Applied Stochastic Processes
S B Connor
W S Kendall
Notes: (PDF Document) Notes: (PDF Document) (PDF Document)
3 (Bath)
Computer Intensive Statistics
B D Ripley
Notes: (PDF Document)
Hints: (PDF Document)
Solutions: (PDF Document)

Notes: (PDF Document)
Practicals: (Text file)

(PDF Document)
4 (Glasgow) Spatial and Longitudinal Data Analysis
P J Diggle
Notes: (PDF Document) Notes: (PDF Document) (PDF Document)
4 (Glasgow) Nonparametric Smoothing*
A Delaigle
Notes: (PDF Document) Notes: (PDF Document)
Problems for lab 1: (PDF Document)
Solutions for lab 1: (PDF Document)
Problems for lab 2: (PDF Document)
Solutions for lab 2: (PDF Document)

(PDF Document)diabetes.dat: (Text file)

* The material for the module Nonparametric Smoothing for the APTS year 2008-2009 is no longer available.


1 (Warwick): How not to give a presentation (PDF Document)  W S Kendall


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