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Information regarding individual APTS weeks

Below you can find information regarding local arrangements for each APTS week, including contact details, provisional timetables and travel advice. You will be notified by email when important new information appears here relating to an APTS week for which you are registered.

The intention is to return to face-to-face APTS weeks. If we are unable to have sufficient confidence that an APTS week can proceed safely (APTS reserves the right to make this assessment at its sole discretion) then all reasonable attempts will be made to ensure that an online alternative will run in its place.

Please note: if you have a query regarding any local arrangements for a given week, you should contact the local organisers (whose details will be listed below nearer the time of the respective APTS week), and not APTS itself. If extra accommodation is needed (for instance before or after APTS week), students will need to make their own arrangements for accommodation, and ask to be billed separately and independently from APTS. They can contact the local organisers of each week to see if they can arrange for their accommodation to be extended (but there is no guarantee they can do this), and if it works, the extension needs to be charged to the student or to your department directly.

Week 1: Warwick (13–17 December 2021)

Directions (to appear later)

APTS week 1 Handbook (to appear later)

Week 2: Durham (04–08 April 2022)

Directions (to appear later)

APTS week 2 Handbook (to appear later)

Week 3: Nottingham (04–08 July 2022)

July 2021)

Directions (to appear later)

APTS week 3 Handbook (to appear later)

Week 4: Glasgow (15–19 August 2022)

Directions (to appear later)

APTS week 4 Handbook (to appear later)


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