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APTS MS Teams access FAQ -- Week 3

Here are some typical issues participants have encountered, and steps that you can take to resolve them:

I am not able to register my account at

Please make sure you use the exact details provided in your APTS welcome email (sent on 7/12/2020 if you took part in APTS week 1, sent on 30/03/2021 if you took part in APTS week 2, sent on 1/7/2021 if APTS week 3 is the first you are attending); check also your spam inbox, and your official work email as well); in particular, use the "date of birth" provided in the email, and not your real date of birth. The one we sent you was generated randomly, so that we do not need to ask you for your real birth date.

I have forgotten my password

Please use this page to reset your password

Once you have registered, Most other issues are due to signing in with incorrect IT details or non-Warwick accounts:

First, make sure you are logged into MS Teams with your Warwick IT username. It is your 7-digit ID if you're on the Warwick "Sign in SSO" page. However if you are being redirected to a Microsoft sign in page, then you should use your account's email address, which is: u[your 7 digit Warwick ID] (so it would look something like

MS Teams issues

MS Teams tells me "You're missing out! Ask your admin to enable Microsoft Teams for University of Warwick"

Try signing out of MS Teams and signing back in with your Warwick IT credentials (see above).

Then if the problem persists, try to follow the procedure describe in this webpage.

MS Teams says your account is locked

Try signing out from MS Teams and then join the Team by clicking on the link to the Team. Make sure you are logged in with the correct Warwick IT credentials (see above).

If it still doesn't work try this.

MS Teams gives the message "You'll need permissions to access this team or channel"

Try signing out of MS Teams and signing back in with your Warwick IT credentials (see above).

I do not see anything (or the APTS Team) on my MS Teams

Please try clicking on this link to the Team. If it's still not working, please try signing out of MS Team, then clicking again on the link and logging in with your Warwick IT account (see above).

I do see the modules' channels but not the general channel

Try opening the channel directly by clicking on this link.

MS Stream issues

I can access MS Teams but I don't get access to the Stream channel of the Team or the videos.

The following worked for some participants: try using the desktop application for MS Teams, and access the videos through the "video lectures" tab in the APTS week's Team channel. Otherwise, try accessing the MS Stream channels directly (Computer Intensive Statistics, High-dimensional statistics).

I still cannot access the MS Team or have another problem

If all these still do not work, please call (phone) the Warwick IT services and tell them that you are with APTS. Calling them is preferred to writing them an email, as you would get a quicker response this way.