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APTS week 1 (Warwick): Academy Dinner and requirements

On the Thursday evening of the APTS week, we will be holding an 'Academy Dinner'. Please use the form below to tell us if you plan to attend, and to tell us of any special requirements you may have: this needs to be done by 30th November please.

Please indicate whether you intend to attend the academy dinner.

In our buffet lunch, we expect students to have their own water bottle/tea cup, as a way to drastically cut plastic cups/glasses and be more friendly.

Academy Dinner

"General" menu
  • Sliced oak smoked salmon, sliced shallots, caper berries, crème fraiche and rye bread
  • Roast sirloin of beef served with rosti potato, glazed carrots, braised leeks and a red wine reduction
  • Baked chocolate and salted caramel tart - buttery vanilla pastry, filled with a layer of salted caramel and a rich chocolate ganache
Vegetarian menu
  • Gently baked wild mushroom and spinach tartlet with a sorrel salad and balsamic onions (V)
  • Sweet potato and celeriac gratin and braised red cabbage, served with kale and confit apples (V)
  • Chocolate and orange dessert with raspberry
Vegan menu
  • Winter vegetable soup with pumpkin seeds and chives (VE)
  • Polenta and parsnip terrine on wild mushroom and spelt risotto, with tender stem broccoli and vegetable gravy (VE)
  • Chocolate and orange dessert with raspberry
Attending academy dinner (required)
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