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Optional Resit / Further First Attempt 20/21

This page is for students who have been offered OPTIONAL resits / further first attempts for September 2021.

Typically this only includes MSc students, finalists who have already met degree requirements and intermediate students who have already met progression requirements. If you are a student in your first year, intermediate year who has not met progression requirements or a finalist who has not met the degree requirements then the re-assessments are not optional and you will be entered for the assessments regardless.

Where a further first attempt has been offered due to mitigating circumstances and you choose not to sit the assessment then your mitigation will NOT carry forward; the offer of the additional attempt IS the mitigation that is valid for your circumstances.

If you are finalist and take a further first attempt it is likely that your mitigation has already been taken into account when determining your classification. If you take up the attempt then your classification will be reconsidered in September but will not be lower than the original classification.

You will not be able to submit your choices after 11th August. If you do not respond by 11th August then;

  • Finalists will be automatically graduated and NOT entered for reassessment(s)
  • First year and intermediate year undergraduates and MSc students will be automatically entered for the reassessment(s)

The highest grade from the original assessment or final assessment will appear on your transcript but please note that this is a manual override and you should get in touch if this is not appearing correctly in Tabula.

This form is closed and is no longer accepting any submissions. Thank you for your time.